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5 Footballers and their New Favourite Takeaways

There have been some big moves in the football transfer market this summer, with a hell of a lot of money swapping hands for some of the games hottest names. As a result, we get to watch a new season chock-a-block with new talent, with a number of footballers settling in a brand new city. Luckily, many football cities also have a load of great takeaways! Let’s speculate on what they should be ordering.


Cesc Fàbregas



Age: 27

Cost: £30m

Nationality: Spanish

Moving from: FC Barcelona

Moving to: Chelsea

What he’s hungry for: Authentic Spanish cuisine that he has grown used to enjoying during his time at Barcelona.

What he should order: The generous portions of homemade paella from La Casita in Streatham, made with succulent corn-fed chicken, spicy chorizo and fragrant saffron – the real taste of Spain from one of London’s favourite takeaways.




Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard


Age: 36

Cost: Loan

Nationality: English

Moving from: Chelsea

Moving to: New York City (currently on loan to Manchester City)

What he’s hungry for: Something to whet his appetite for the MLS when he heads to the Big Apple in 6 months.

What he should order: Some American favourites: the double-stacked, cheese-loaded New York burger, covered in tomato sauce, available from New York Shakes and Grill in Manchester.

Cheese Burger


Alexis Sánchez



Age: 25

Cost: £30m-35m

Nationality: Chilean

Moving from: Barcelona

Moving to: Arsenal

What he’s hungry for: Chilean cuisine is famed for its love of fish. Then again, so is Britain, so he’s in luck!

What he should order: Fish & chips from, suitably, the Arsenal Chinese Food and Fish Bar, working his way through tender cod, flavoursome haddock and tangy scampi during his time in North London.

Fish and Chips


Romelu Lukaku



Age: 21

Cost: £28m

Nationality: Belgian

Moving from: Chelsea

Moving to: Everton

What he’s hungry for: Now a permanent signing after spending a year at the Merseyside club on loan, he’ll be after somewhere that can fulfill the Belgian love of moules frites – a Belgian mussel dish.

What he should order: The spicy Szechuan mussels from Chinese Express in Wavertree. Liverpool has one of the oldest Chinese communities in Europe, and his 5 year contract means he has loads of time to explore their delicious cuisine.

Chinese Mussels



Eric Dyer

Eric Dyer


Age: 20

Cost: £4m

Nationality: English (though raised in Portugal)

Moving from: Sporting CP

Moving to: Tottenham Hotspur

What he’s hungry for: The chance to relive the delights of the Portuguese cuisine that he’s grown used to while growing up in the Sporting youth academy.

What he should order: The new hot and spicy Piri-piri chicken wings, peppered with mouthwatering spices, from award-winning Firezza in Crouch End, a stone’s throw away from his new home ground.

Piri Piri chicken



Have any recommendations for your club’s new signings? Let us know! Enjoy the new season, football fans!

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