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You might not know it yet, but there is so much more to hungryhouse than delicious takeaway.

Ordering drinks online is one of our most popular services on hungryhouse, and due to increasing demand from customers over the years, we’ve made it our mission to add more late-night alcohol delivery options to the platform. The result being that whatever the occasion, and no matter how late, you can always have your favourite tipple delivered to your door.

But if you’re looking for the perfect pint to wash down that favourite chow mein of yours, or you’ve got the lads coming round in an hour to watch the match and you forgot to stock up on the cider, then we’ve got you covered my friend.

Football fever, but not the prices please

Let’s be honest, following England is something like one part ‘oh can we really do it this year?” and 100 parts “oh s*** we’ve blown it again, well I might as well support Ghana now’. But if you decide to watch all the games down at your local, then your heartache won’t just be confined to the football, as you’ll also be paying through the nose to have the privilege of watching us stuff up yet another penalty shoot-out.

late night alcohol delivery

The solution? Invite your mates over, get the curry in, and order a ton of cheap drinks from your local alcohol delivery service.

Most alcohol delivery places on hungryhouse offer cracking deals on bulk drink orders with 24 packs of lager and cider being easy to find. Places such as Dial A Crate in West London and 24/7 Booze in Liverpool specialise in ‘party packs’ and large orders, which are guaranteed to keep everyone well-quenched throughout the match. These party packs are ideal if you’re a big group, and if you plan on drowning your sorrows after another agonising defeat then you may as well do it on the cheap!

Late-night ordering won’t put a damper on your spirits

We like to think that the UK is a civilised place, I mean we’ve got gay marriage, Doctor Who and Wispa chocolate after all. But unfortunately, one aspect of British life that is positively draconian is our medieval set of licensing laws.

alcohol delivery service

There’s no closing time on these beauties

Early pub closing times can ruin a great night out, so if you want to carry on the night back at home with your mates then late-night alcohol delivery takeaways are what you need. Most alcohol delivery services on hungryhouse such as Bootleggers in Sheffield will still deliver drinks long after the pubs have closed, with even some places such as Drinks on Time in Harrow offering a near 24-hour service.

The ability to order drinks to your place long into the night is perfect for house parties, and is an absolute beauty for those late-night group matches in Brazil!

Order alcohol online: Your own private drinks cabinet, delivered to your door

The late-night alcohol delivery places on our platform deliver more than just 12 packs of Stella.

Whatever your drink of choice, they’ve got it covered, with a whole host of spirits, lagers, fine wines, cocktails and even champagnes on offer. Just take Deliver me Drinks in Knightsbridge for example. They deliver everything from Jack Daniels to Pinot Grigio, and Jägermeister to Champagne, meaning that everyone will be able to find something to tickle their tastebuds.

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Your local takeaway: Not JUST the bringer of great food

But whilst dedicated alcohol delivery services offer a great range of drinks, many takeaways will also offer competitively-priced drinks deals alongside their standard takeaway food menus. The Sichuan Garden in Brighton for example not only serve up delicious Chinese dishes, but they also offer their customers a wide selection of gins, beers and wines to wash down their takeaway with.

To check the range of alcohol delivery options in your area just pop in your postcode like normal but filter your postcode results for ‘All Night Alcohol’ on the left-hand side of the page, or type in ‘Drinks’ into the search bar at the top of the page to see which takeaways offer up alcohol delivery.

hungryhouse is constantly looking for more alcohol delivery services to add to the platform, and many of our top Chinese, Indian and pizza takeaways are also expanding their menus to cope with the demand of thirsty (and hungry) customers. So keep an eye out and don’t forget to check out the drinks menu at your local takeaway the next time you feel like a nice wine but don’t fancy the walk to the off-licence in the rain!

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