Apna Naseeb, Swinnow: Review of the Week

Apna Naseeb, Swinnow: Review of the Week Jennifer
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A curry filled with delicious fresh curries is certainly the way to go – not only this, but generous portions and a great variety of dishes. It sounds like Apna Naseeb is a real all rounder. This week’s review of the week winner, Simon, is certainly impressed and we are glad he let us know. And for that, Simon, earns himself a £25 voucher.

“Having ordered from Apna Naseeb now for the last 3 times I’ve wanted a takeaway I wanted to sing their praises. Great prices and great food with good offers of free items if you spend over a certain amount. Having something of an insatiable appetite myself this is great because at their prices I can afford to order a meal and get a free donner kebab to fill me up!

That’s not to say the meal portions are small, I’ve had burgers from here which are huge with a big portion of chips and the pizzas are also large and filling. If you fancy a curry then Apna Naseeb is a great place to go as well, they don’t use loads of chilli powder to spice things up, just fresh chillis which makes it taste much better and more authentic.

Delivery time is good too and I really have no complaints at all, will be ordering again next time I need a takeaway.”

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Posted on: March 3, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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