Back to School: Desperate Student Dinners

A diet of canned goods and good ol’ Smash, everyone’s favourite instant mash, is typical for most struggling students. But there are times when even the staples are out, and you’re forced to use your creative genius to concoct a desperate dinner out of whatever is at the back of the cupboard, combined with what’s available in the nearest vending machine.  Doritos + Parmesan Cheese Powder + microwave = Food fail!

If you can imagine the smell of microwaved powdered Parmesan with already highly seasoned cheese Doritos, then you can understand how my university roommate was woken from her sleep, only to race down the stairs to the bathroom to relieve her unsettled stomach. True story… and she didn’t even eat the unnerving nachos!

You can’t blame me for wanting to get a bit adventurous, as it becomes very easy to fall into bad student food habits of oven pizzas, pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Sometimes a  poor man food craze catches on and you get a bit of variety –  avocado and Marmite on toast was big in 2010. You can even survive for a while being the ‘can I have a bite of that?’ guy, or by waiting around halls to retrieve the remnants of soggy tea bags. There’s no rule saying you can’t use them twice, right?

Usually we’re stuck for better or worse with the usual suspects (below).  But, perhaps you’ve come up with something better, something that makes pungent pot noodles and my gag reflex, makeshift Mexican look like five star cuisine. Tell us in the Comments section about your best or worst desperate student dinner for the chance to win one of two £25 hungryhouse vouchers – do yourself a favour and get someone else to do the cooking!

Spaghetti with ketchup

A disgrace to the Italian culture

Image OiMax

Image OiMax

Energy drinks

I should have about 100 sets of wings by now

Imageby gtquast

Imageby gtquast

Pot Noodles

Bearable once you discover the best brand

Image by avlxyz

Image by avlxyz


Add it to anything (usually melted) and you have a meal.

Image by jeffreyw

Image by jeffreyw

Soggy chips

Image by matt1125

Image by matt1125

Have you done better??? Tell us about your scary student food fails for a chance to win one of two £25 hungryhouse vouchers


Posted on: January 17, 2013 | by: hungryhouse

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  • Owen

    I lived off half a tin of cheap shop brand curry on top of instant mashed potato for many a week

  • Kirsty Giles

    Weetabix with tomato sauce and fried onions on top. It was an epic food fail.

  • Juliathistleton

    When we were super broke (like, all the time!) we would have Bunty parties. We made up the name, but the idea was that everyone brought a tin or a packet with them (and some alcohol natch) and it all went in one big pot to be heated and eaten as supper. Tinned potatoes and pineapple chunks with baked beans and chicken soup, not as bad as it sounds, but probably should have called it food roulette!

  • lilu

    Chocolate Chip Pizza… It’s amazing, really. Get a plate of cooked, salted oven chips and cover with grated cheese and chocolate. Whack under the grill and when it’s all smooshed and melted together, cut into slices for a little piece of heaven…. Mmmm… This is the basic recipe, we’ve been known to add marshmallows, tomatoes, peanut butter or anything else lying around (nothing to do with coming home drunk and hungry, honest….)


    i allways liked weetabix with butter and marmite spread on them :)

  • Susan Richardson

    Instant mash potatoe with ham and cheese mixed in put in a sandwich yummy

  • Kieran Lowe

    i love the cheesy chips that my local takeaway does they always impress me :)

  • Becca Dave Bradley

    Pizza butties! nom nom nom!

  • Thom

    you cant go wrong with any jar of anything and a banana!

  • jalila djelassi

    pasta, curry sauce and instant mash. i couldnt swallow one mouthful it was gross!!!

  • Ellie

    I Loved my pot noodles and when money was really, really tight i would by the Value instant noodles (about 7p then) with a tin of hot dogs and chop them up, mix it all together!! Well filling and cheap x

  • Nat Gray

    All you need is a pack of 11p noodles and a couple of slices of bread and butter and you’ve got noodle sandwiches, which are amazing in desperate times!

  • Suzanne Cooke

    Tinned tomatoes on bread with melted cheese on the top, its actually nice.

  • Suzy

    Brown sauce sarnies saw me through student days :)

  • Tom Campbell

    Grilled tinned mackerels, and set the oven on fire!

  • André Benham

    I once had lemon sorbet on buttered toast…why? The only two items left in my house before I finished my second year (might have had a few drinks too).

  • Sarah Felicity Bishop

    I always kept some risotto rice and chicken stock cubes in the cupboard – simple and tasty. Although I must confess, in first year, there were days when I had nowt to eat but crisp sandwiches…! So crunchy!

  • claire

    instant noodles and hamburger in a can (chopped up) and stirred through with ketchup and Tabasco sauce

  • jeremy

    I remember once buying microwaveable Donner Kebab meat at Morrisons – left such a horrendous smell – but the best thing was during my stoner phase, I’d pre-prepare munchies before a session, and my favourite was rice pudding with maple syrup over it, and a cookie crumbled up on top of it and a smattering of pretzels… that or baked beans on toast with mayo!

  • caroline mccabe

    tomato ketchup on bread and jam and bread if really desperate. 0therwise anything on toast, eggs, beans, sardines etc

  • Zoe

    supernoodles and chilli sauce mmm
    or cheese, tomato and mushroom toasties

  • Rosie Garrett

    Mayonnaise sandwiches. So good!

  • kady

    chocolate fingers dipped in nutella choco spread & peanut butter 4 breakie #sugarrush #nomnom

  • James William Lee

    mine as a student used to be a chilli con carnie pizza

  • Lorraine

    A chip-free chip butty. Slice of bread, spinkled with vinegar, spread with butter & sprinkle on some salt. Deeeelicious. Or maybe not.

  • Karen Christmas

    Marmalade and marmite sandwiches – it is the salty / sweet combination

  • Naomi

    Cheese on toast with ketchup under the cheese…tastes just like a cheap pizza without having to go out for pizza!

  • Danni Mackenzie

    Ketchup sandwich

  • Sean Kelly

    A Wigan Kebab!! two rounds of buttered bread with a meat and potato pie in it.

  • Red Line

    Once and once only I had the weird idea that putting blackberry yogurt on fried bread would be a good idea…It wasnt it really wasnt, I dont know what possesed me to even try

  • Olly

    Rice with cheese was always very filling and reasonably cheap!

  • Red Line

    Crisp sandwiches have always been a favorite, I find roast chicken flavour to work best :)

  • Ruksana Digglidoo Thumper Koss

    People always thought this was weird (and i don’t know why; i fell in love with it) but i love me a slightly toasted cheddar cheese and strawberry jam sarnie. It always used to be in my packed lunch at primary school, till this day :)

  • Mulberrysummer

    I boiled a dippy egg in a a kettle the stove was out of action and I was desperate, remarkably it was edible but don’t recommend it:-)

  • Kneale Stephen Faragher

    I’m a student and cook proper food!

  • Peter Ould

    Cheese on toast can be converted into a croque monsieur just by doing two slices and popping ham inbetween. Superb!

  • cute1987

    mince an pasta with gravy! an what ever else was left in fridge or cubord! makes me sick now thinking about it :( lol

  • Mike Burgess

    One guy in our halls nearly burnt the place down heating up a can of beans

  • Lisa Manners

    Best one is buttered toast, Tuna, spring onion then grated cheese all melted under the grill,

  • 17vix

    Rice with cheap frozen mixed veg and either ketchup or sweet chilli sauce. basically whatever counted as a sauce from the cupboard.

  • Red Line

    I remember having brown sauce sandwiches

  • Lindsey Clark

    Popcorn mixed with cheap cornflakes to make up a sufficient bowlful & hot milk with chocolate squeezy sauce on top (I have a sweet tooth!)

  • Red Line

    Who else did eggy mess? sort of scrambled egg / broken omlette with whatever you could find to bung in it, things like spam, an oniion, worked well

  • Simon McDonald

    My former housemate used to take a packet of own brand noodles, and just mush a processed cheese slice into them.

    One day I came home to see him making the same for his girlfriend at the time. He turned to me to try and settle a disagreement, and said “If you were making the same thing two days in a row, you wouldn’t bother to wash the plate, would you?”.

    I grimaced, looking at the crusted-on slime and said “Uh…yeah, I would.” to which he replied “You’re only saying that because SHE’S here.”

    7 years on, and he’s not really changed, to be honest.

  • David Gildea

    I had one of those “breakfast in a tins”, but no clean or useable plates as they all had 3 week old pasta/tomato sauce/home brand ravioli stuck to them. So i just poured the “breakfast in a can” on to 2 week out of date wrap (u now the ones u get in packs of 5/6 from the bread aisle), covered it all with “cheese flavoured slices” (not real cheese slices, they just tasted of them) and stuck in the oven, VOILA!! a brekie pizza, well, a breakfast in a tin on an out of date unwrapped wrap covered in cheese “flavoured” slices, But it was AWESOME!!!

  • john-paul

    best food as a student having a party all clubbing together to buy 3 x 12 inch cheese and tomato pizza’s eat as much as you can,all go home, wake up next afternoon and find 2 or 3 slices left, heaven mmmmmmm

  • Dana

    An expired caramel apple.

  • Guest

    Mashwiches (Mash Potato Sandwiches) were invented in my mould ridden kitchen during my second year. It was unfavourably called “the poor man’s chip butty” in its early stages but alas the Mashwich was born. it goes well with pretty much anything and the delicious carbs saved me (literally) in the early part of Feb. For a real treat melt some cheese into the mash and make a Toasted Mashwich.

  • Mark Sæglópur Bailey

    Mashwiches (Mash Potato Sandwiches) were invented in my mould ridden kitchen during my second year. It was unfavourably called “the poor man’s chip butty” in its early stages but alas the Mashwich was born. it goes well with pretty much anything and the delicious carbs saved me (literally) in the early part of Feb. For a real treat melt some cheese into the mash and make a Toasted Mashwich. De-Licious.

  • Joanne Crosby

    Mash potato mixed with ketchup – it went a shocking pink colour!

  • Ben Audsley

    i once made some cup cakes and put in salt instead of sugar – they were disgusting!!!!

  • ben

    Wraps with onion rings, fries and bbq sauce. Literally the only three ingredients left in the house

  • elcapitan22

    my flatmate in Bristol used to make super noodles toasted sandwiches. yeah…grim!!! imagine the smell :-/

  • Mutesa Sithole

    tequila and ginger biscuit chicken, seriously…it came from an actual student recipe book!

  • Paolo Iacono

    Pot noodles is always a good treat especially with this cold weather. I am having one right now, my favourite is “Bombay Bad Boy” spice and hot, hope i am going to get warm soon BRRRR… i am freezing. :-)

  • Nikki Hayes

    You can’t beat beans on toast for a cheap and tasty student meal, Pot Noodles are great as well ;o)

  • sharon swain

    scrambled eggs with prawn cocktail sauce ended up with pink eggs on toast

  • Ronnie Mutch


  • Rebecca Nixon

    When I want a fast, cheap and satisfying meal, it takes me literally 2 minutes to pop 2 frozen Linda McCartney sausages in the microwave (sometimes with a chopped mushroom or 2), and while they cook I boil the kettle and make Smash with a knob of Vitalite, 1/2 tsp garlic puree, a splash of soya milk and S&P to taste. It’s delicious, fast, reasonably healthy, vegan, and gluten free!

  • Sam Whistler

    Someone once told me that cooking spaghetti and tossing it with olive oil and herbs makes a tasty, cheap and quick meal. So I tried it- but instead of drizzling a little oil, I added a massive glug, stirred it, poured some more on top, and then proceeded to try my ‘delicious’ creation. Greasy is not even the word- I think I still have a coating of oil in my mouth that I can’t shift to this day.

  • Rebecca Nixon

    Grilled banana with peanut butter.

  • Samantha Rawson

    When we were students, my boyfriend made a disgusting cocktail of vodka, fruit juice and crushed digestive biscuits :X It looked just as chunky on the way back up…

  • Jon Welch

    In my first year as a student there was a left over glass of red wine….. So I had that for breakfast at 10am! Fantastic: :s

  • Laura

    Pasta in gravy on white cheap bread.
    Pasta sandwiches, for the carb hungry.

  • Dan Burton

    I’m just here for the competition.

  • Stuart Thompson

    Vinegar. Poured on stale bread. Them was rotten days,

  • beth d

    trying to melt a flake to go on top of fairy cakes as this was the only chocolate in the house, after 30mins in a glass bowl on the hob over boilng water i gave up and stuck it in the microwave, went through to the living room to come back to a smoke fill kitchen which smelt like stale urine and smelt like this for over a week, plus the chocolate flake was just burnt! later googled it and a flake is unmeltable!!!! it wasnt my cooking skills it was the flakes fault! lol

  • Ellen Isaac

    I have had processed cheese slice on toast, and I have also had frozen vegetables for a week as well!

  • kris

    Sausage curry with couscous…

  • Dave Fleming

    Tesco 8p (at the time) chicken noodles… in chicken and mushroom pasta… with chicken soup… and mushroom soup… topped off with CURRY POWDER! YES! Student food, how I miss thee.

  • Sandy Port

    My best desperate student dinner was basics baked beans, some mouldy cheese with the mould scraped off, some barely useable bread, a can of spam chopped up, some tomato ketchup and whatever dried herbs we had kicking around.
    It made fab spicy meat n beans on toast and cost pennies.
    I still make it now for my hubby – with slightly nicer ingredients and it makes for a nice cheap meal.

  • Madt

    Pasta and baked beans. The definition of cheap, student food.

  • Kate Robertshaw

    cottage cheese and coleslaw sandwiches Yum lol

  • Ruth Dunkin

    Chinese takeaway warmed up for brekkie – chuck it all in a frying pan including spare sauces and mix well, yummy!!! And the worrying thing is I’m not even sure it’s a fail (although I’m sure most ‘normal’ people would disagree!!)

  • Natasha Milika Banda

    Sod the bad food days, i should win just to see if what i order will be delivered and I can forget my poor student days!

  • Karen Ltfc Robertson

    Brown sauce sandwich with pot noodles and curry sauce!!

  • anna zdunczyk

    hot sandwich filled with jam :(

  • stephen foster

    Cheese on toast , with crunchy nut peanut butter under the cheese. Only tried it the once.

  • Liam Skinner

    I love a Hammonds Chop Sauce sandwich with a Spicy Curry Pot Noodle and a hot chocolate, nice soothing food 8-) The only thing better is a nice takeaway from HungryHouse 8-)

  • Donna

    Sugar butties

  • Daneil Peaks-woods

    my girlfriend once made me tea lasagne and chips or something and it was still frozen i dont let her cook to this day :(

  • Missjoh

    Best sandwich ever, cheap and amazing. Toast, fried red onion, bacon and peanut butter! My ex used to make me this when I used to do overnights with essays! It sounds disgusting but it’s absolutely the best sandwich in the world!!!

  • Shirley O’Rourke

    I love corned beef & cottage cheese on toast – yummy

  • Talithin

    Plain rice and a tin of microwave-heated chopped tomatoes…. salt for seasoning.

  • Holli Cooper

    A friend once told me you could use haggis anywhere you’d normally use mince. I got a 10p Haggis from the Lidl reduced section and set about making a weeks worth of Haggis Bolognaise. As soon as the uncooked haggis hit the pan it smelled like dog food and even after liberal seasoning and frying it never got any more appealing. Tasted rank. The worst part? I was broke, I had to eat it for a week… By day 4 I was begging my sister to invite me round for tea.

  • sbbd588

    Cheerios and Bisto gravy

  • viki

    mushy pea and ketchup sandwiches

  • Jay Walker

    Most regular dinner for me would be warm, not hot, sausage roll, on a bed of ketchup with thick layers of buttered bread housing the concoction :)

  • Matty Spiers

    My personal favourite was stir fried bean sprouts served in microwaved Yorkshire puddings. Strangely still one of the nicest things I have ever cooked.

  • Cthulu Vile Brain

    When I was at Uni in the 90s I had to share a kitchen with 11 other people and pilfering of food was rife. I went through a phase of dyeing all my food blue 1) because I as slightly odd and 2) to put people off nicking it! A particular fave was cheap ramen noodles, with grated cheese and blue food dye. I also recall eating blue smartie sandwiches…

  • John Fenton

    It’s not so much a desperate student dinner but most people find just the thought of it horrid. And I’m obviously taking about CHOCALATE COVERED BACON!!! Smoked, crispy bancon covered in chocolate goes great with pancakes and maple syrup…that’s all folks :-)

  • Lauren D

    chocolate pasta, sprinkles with cheese because i run out of tomato sauce and cheese…was too hungover and cold to go get them

  • Lauren D

    chocolate pasta, sprinkles with cheese crisps because i run out of tomato sauce and cheese…was too hungover and cold to go get them*

  • Rea BookBlog

    Crisps on toast!!

  • Stacey

    Pot noodle poured onto potato waffles, bloody glorious

  • Caroline Neild

    Mushy peas mixed with boiled rice lots of black pepper… And I bit of mayo on the side….

  • Anita Edmunds

    i have a 4 year old so meals are often a big ‘Heston’ in their creativity…we often have spiders for dinner – this is where you get spaghetti, snap it in half, the get hot dog sausages and snap them in half, put 4 pieces of spaghetti through each portion of sausage so that you have 8 ‘legs’ boil in water until soft pasta – once cooked you can drain & add pasta sauce, or dip in ketchup as you eat (it used to be called octopus dinner, but the name changed at holoween and it stuck)

  • Neil Cooper

    Once had to make Smash with orange juice…….. not good !!

  • April Clemo

    My boyfriend went through a stage of eating salt and pepper sandwiches, which is exactly like it sounds bread with salt and pepper inside lol :-/

  • Anita Edmunds

    oh and supernoodle sarnies when i was a student, also boil cheep pasta, use the saved water to add gravey granuals & mix all together, just add ketchup.

  • a

    Chips casserole in a kitchen-less bedsit. Put frozen chips and chopped cabbage in a container, microwave for 5 or so minutes, mix, season with ketchup, mayo, soy sauce etc whatever you desire, done.

  • Saska Brenard

    One bagel….clove of garlic….mayonnaise. Combine. Toast bagel. Add sprouts, lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, onion. apply all to bagel, squash down and consume. Make your own: add your own toppings, sauce

  • Saska Brenard

    baked beans on toast with hot sauce of your choosing…spicy!

  • Paul

    Jam sponge with rice pudding on top

  • Tish

    Last year when I was out of job,my old cat start bringing half dead chicken in the morning once or twice a week.I did not know where he was getting them as I was not aware of any of my neighbours who were keeping chickens but they sure were of great help.My cat and I both enjoyed the Bhuna chicken for few weeks but I felt sorry for the owner!

  • Saska Brenard

    soup base of any kind, wing yip rice sticks, vegetables, almost cooked meat for flavor….done and dusted…cheap healthy eats

  • Jonesyboy

    Best meal when budget was tight has got to be

    Pot noodle poured over micro chips mmmmmmmmmmmmm and dont forget to mop up the juices with some bread

  • steve

    few things spring to mind, lemonade -sugar and milk mix….its frothy man.
    mars bar breville toasties…mars bar chopped into 1/2 cm slices melted between to toasted slices of bread mmmm and a nutty alternative snickers breville.
    jam on toast dipped into a hot mug of tea
    chilli con carne in a slice of bread must be the morning after you made the chilli preferably left overs
    smash with nutella mixed in and a blob of marmite and grated cheese

  • Saska Brenard

    bockwurst in a jar/can, toast, mustard, chips in a towel (gets rid o the cooking oil) dust with salt…nuff said

  • Alliee Mason

    When weeks are short with money and all I have in the cubboards is bread, tomato ketchup and a bag on sugar they make a tastey mix.
    Toast the bread sprinkle sugar over the toasted bread and apply ketchup and spread around.
    Strange but so tasty :)

  • Saska Brenard

    I should shut up now

  • Michael

    I had a tin of tomato soup but had no bread in the cupboards so I put a handful of sultana’s in with the soup to bulk it up. It was so disgusting I couldn’t eat it even though I was starving!

  • Saska Brenard

    cooking on a one burner butane gas burner…always scary. Even scarier…I’m not a student??????

  • Harebo

    My best student meal used to be done on Wednesdays after rugby games where to save money we used the left over beer to fill our pot noodles and put into the microwave for 5 minutes. Beer and food in one go. The only escape from the eating is cheating rules on drinking nights.

  • Greg FunkiBeads

    No need to eat badly at Uni, I’d get beef bones free from the butcher (I invented an Alsatian !) & trawl around the bins at the end of the day at the big central market and pick up loads of veg, carrots, pots, root veg etc -they just needed a wash. Roast the bones in the oven, the with the veg make a great stock pot – just add water, dried herbs, black pepper, bay leaves (whatever you have in your cupboard that is appropriate) and you have an incredible great stew, add some pearl barley and some mutton ribs – Irish stew… Add more pots & onions in thin slices – Lancashire hot pot. Mould old cheese and stale bread – French onion soup…

    You can keep the stock pot on the go for days, in some top class French restaurants they keep them going for weeks. Just make sure you heat it up every day. Virtually all for free and so delicious. On a good day at the market I sometimes found Papaya, Pinapples, Mangos – you name it. Saturdays are usually best as the traders don’t want to keep stuff till the next Wednesday/Thursday market. Happy hunting & be a little cheeky. Best way to keep the wolf from the door when the overdraft is maxed out… :)

  • Simcoe

    My husband and his mate have been talking about sausages and custard for years. They were convinced it would really work. Neither of them cook, so one day when I was making dinner for both of them, I made a toad in the hole and instead of topping it with gravy, I covered it in Ambrosia custard. It was… well…. interesting. But I don’t think they will try it again!

  • trowsiff

    Spam fritter and mushy pea toastie. Mmmmmmmm

  • Saska Brenard

    Ramen noodles cooked in a tinny electric kettle made for mice? Noodles stuck on the inside burner…each cuppa thereafter tasted like chicken soup base….no money to replace it. DISGUSTING!

  • Ali K

    Curry sauce (left over from the night before), poured over cornflakes. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

  • Sara

    Toast sandwich 2 course- slice of bread, noodles (main course)slice of toast, sugar (dessert) another slice of bread. Cheap, easy and so disgusting to start with but then u get used to it!

  • Hay

    Fish fingers mixed with mash and salad cream in bowl :-)

  • Jayne

    French Fries with Salad Cream, Yummy taste so goooood!!!!

  • argggh

    Chilli oil on toast is amazing good.

    Came up with it when I was a student and found my cupboards bare – except for a jar of chilli oil and some stale bread.

    If you like spicy food, give it a go, nothing better! ;)

  • Alix

    Gravy granules with instant noodles. The instant noodles were just those plain ‘nests’ and had no flavour sachet so I emptied the remnants of gravy granules into the pan with water and noodles, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Boil until its basically noodles coated in thick gravy and wa-la. I actually realised at a later date that oxo cubes work much better if you crush them up, it’s just like the powder in instant noodles. I practically lived off this meal for a good few years. Stale bread dipped in it makes for a crunchy side.

  • lynsey

    ham rolls!! ham spread with mustard rolled up into a tube

  • Laura mccool

    My worst late night concoction was own brand chicken noodles cooked by pouring them into the kettle and turning it on, really thick smash moulded into a pizza base shape( u should try this!!) and spread with lemon curd!! Voila!! In my chef head I was thinking lemon and chicken pasta pizza…… The result was more washing up liquid and worms….. But yeah, we still ate it!! I still use mash as a pizza base substitute to this day!!

  • conrad

    I was on low budget and was in need of some munch, so chopped my last potatoes crushed the last of my cheese puffs and covered eacu potato fryed each one n added cheese crunchy cheese puff chips with lee n perrins

  • Chris

    Mine was a jam sandwich with a twist….. The twist was chip shop chips, fish and curry sauce hmmmmm tasted wonderful :-)

  • Shells

    Chocolate spread and salt and vinegar crisps! Amazing between two slices of thin fluffy white bread… Mmm!!

  • Darren Paul Hawes

    I once had an apple pie and gravy as I thought it was Chicken, but tasted all right just the same. Never had it again though.

  • jaydee

    Hot & Sour Shake
    hot peppers,lemon juice,hot sauce ,scoop vanilla icecream,cup of milk .blended until smooth and drink

  • Rick Bevin

    Curry pot noodles with extra crunchy peanut butter always worked for me – yummy :)

  • Taliana

    Hmm… does live octopus count? My housemates and I ate this during our student year abroad in Korea. Some of us considered it a food fail and were too unnerved by the way the pieces wriggled in the mouth, but others (including me) loved every wriggly bite :3

  • jennifer derry

    marmite and banana sandwiches ..yummy

  • Pippastarmoon

    Can of butter beans drained and served with a made up sauce consisting of chicken seasoning hot water and a sachet of burger kings ketchup I found in a coat pocket. Needless to say it was not the most epic of meals still after googling butter beans at least it was 1/5 a day! :P

  • Joanna Brown

    I was desperately hungry, with the fridge, freezer and cupboards almost bare. What I did find was a frozen haggis and some gravy granules. I needed to eat quickly so I made the gravy, poured it over the hunk of frozen haggis, and stuck it all in the microwave. It was dubbed ‘haggis soup’. The house smelt unholy for days afterwards.

  • Richard Bain

    food fail ….
    deep fried cornbeef, beetroot and salad cream sandwiches !!
    even now after a few beers the old sandwiches come out to play

  • carly-leanne knibbs

    Banana ketchup and mustard sandwiches and sometimes with added mayo r pretty great

  • Tracey1981

    Sandwich containing ham, salami, cheese, marmite,wot sits and onion barjhi, unbelievable but so tasty

  • David

    I used to like tuna with cheese fried together and tons of black pepper. Also I really love onions with loads of sugar in lemon juice fried too!

  • Stuart’sMum!

    Was drunk one night and eat cornflakes with tomato soup as I had no milk was rather tasty

  • Falisha Langi

    Me and my friend mixed tuna with gravy It actually turned out really nice !! Also when there was nothing in the house carrot sandwich :s !! Lol x

  • jamie

    Starving. Only things at home were sausages and a packet of marshmallows. Tried to melt the marshmallow over the sausage. Never again.

  • DAN


  • Charlotte Wallace

    Hot dogs with cherry tomatoes and brown sauce

  • Kirsty Turner

    melted cheese on toast with marmite underneath and caralised onions on top mmmmmm :)

  • Shyam

    As a money saving device I use to buy my 100% beef burgers from Tesco’s value range. Fast forward 10 years and they turn out to contain horse meat. I actually think horse meat is pretty tasty and high in protein so I had good value from Tescos.

  • jc

    drippin butties with sugar and brown sauce warmed up in a frying pan it was all we could afford edible when desprite

  • DAN

    Tesco value cheese & tomato pizza my own toppings are sliced hotdogs(instead peparoni) fresh chilies and pineapple out of the tin owen baked home made pizza

  • Becka

    I use to come home from college and make myself a peanutbutter with chocolate spread banana and jam grilled sandwich

  • xxNataliexx

    Barbeque Sauce & Moyo mixed together goes with anything and everything especially on a bacon butty : ) Nom Nom

  • Michael

    Sausage madras in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Mmmmm

  • Janey

    WARNING!!!! DONT TRY THIS AT HOME PLEASE!! I had some chicken pieces which were slightly out of date, they did smell a little but i was convinced that if i washed them in hot water and then really really cooked them well i would be o.k…. you can guess the outcome,, only good thing was that i was well fed on hospital food, well a drip, for a couple of days.

  • chanice

    Its all about tinned spaghetti with shortbread and cheese on top

  • cookiemama

    boiled rice, tuna from a can mixed with lots n lots of shop bought scotch bonnet sauce/paste :P

  • Liam Storey

    You cannot beat fried eggs on cheese on toast, topped with baked beans and brown sauce. Diamond! It’s a really cheap meal. Also, another good one is nutella (or any cheap choc spread) and peanut better sandwiches! Delish!!!

  • Roxeelee

    Marmite and marmalade sandwiches yum x

  • shannicus

    melted chocolate & vindaloo curry paste :)

  • craig

    After a gym workout i used to make packet mashed potatoe mixed in with tuna sweetcorn mayonaise and baked beans mixed in until really creamy and smooth, a really god protein and carb recovery meal.

  • Kayda

    Once we had nothing left in the house so we decided to mix pasta and syrup together was a good combination apart from being sick afterwards

  • Cosmic Stargirl

    The most yum late night snack has to be a bacon, peanut butter & cheese sandwich. Oretty good with tomato sauce

  • Shirley Whates

    Banana and pickled walnut sandwich – the bread goes a strange brown colour but tastes great.

  • Yasmine

    I didn’t have sesame oil to add on a seaweed salad, so I tried sesame paste & vinegar instead… really NOT the same thing!!!!!

  • Elliecaitlinjosh

    Toast with jam and a egg together like a sandwhich with cheese on the top

  • Jessica

    Few months ago, in an attempt to make crime bulait I mixed vanilla extract with egg and milk and put it in the oven but after 10 minutes it never formed it was rili disgusting and kinda separated in the pan nd moist nd all

  • Foodflop

    Ok so I’ve eaten some rubish in my time my favourite being cheese n onion crisps with melted chocolate over them or cheese spread and strAwberry jam on toast – my major oops Skint and no food in the kitchen was last nights chilli sauce left over from the kebab spread on home made fried toast !! Do not try it huuuge fail and possibly a stomach destroying moment !!

  • Rich Pollock

    My female flatmate and I dared each other to attempt a table spoon each of uncooked rice with ketchup!

    It was no surprise that the mixed consistency was truly aweful!!! It tasted just as you would expect…. Horrific in fact!

    That was nearly 10 years ago and I doubt I (nor my flatmate) have ever had much worse than that…. Thank goodness for delicious take aways!

  • Karen B

    One of my uni housemates once put everything he needed to use up on a pizza – including banana and fish fingers. We teased him so much he took it into his room to eat. He probably hasn’t changed in 13 years either…

  • laurssx


  • Maria Carter

    I used to love buying a bag of chips from the chipyy wrapped in paper but when they had put half the portion out i would smother them in salt and loads of vinegar add a packet of gummy bears add loads more vinegar and salt and then had the rest of the chips added yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! It is especially yummy when you get to the gooey hot salt and vinegared bears and all the surrounding chips are pleasantly sweet!

  • 1969ned

    Oh remember when i was in sheffield and had the remains of brussel sprouts (!) bean sprouts half tin of plum tomatoes some left over gray and a yorkshire pudding, all fryed up!! (why?) with grated cheese over the top! Bizarre!

  • Carl

    Pilchards on toast, with melted cheese on top and salad cream on top of that, lovely!!!

  • Robert Hazelton

    I used to have curry n chips then topped up cup of curry sauce with coffee

  • Dams

    Fish and curry with friled dumplings…served with warm BBQ sauce :-)

  • JB

    Pasta and gravy is always a winner!

  • caz

    jelly mint sauce and satsuma sandwiches

  • Ed

    Buttered weetabix is a fine delicacy!

  • Sunny Bowtie-Bizzle

    Lamb curry on a bed if chips and don’t forget a can of black grape or coke

  • leachy

    tomato ketchup and baked bean buttys

  • MZ

    Try this-chocolate biscuits and mustard or digestives and processed cheese. mmm mmmm

  • Ali g

    Omelette with ham vinegar Worcester sauce dried mixed herbs chilli flakes and cheese! Yummy!

  • john bland

    a gypsy tart and custard in a bread roll with butter

  • Preet Van Den Ende

    I had a friend who used to boil noodles, drain them, rinse the sauce off baked beans, mix the remaining beans with the noodles and serve this mixture on toast. It actually tasted alright and I guess he thought it was more exciting than baked beans on toast!!

  • Photographer

    Sack of potatoes and a sack of porridge. Porridge with water as no money for milk, and the spuds whent green

  • matthew

    past and jam

  • Jamie Haj

    Toast tomatoes chicken onion and strawberry sauce

  • wildbill

    pizza after 2 mins cooking time. severe food poisoning and very ill in general. someone also shit them-self in my house the same night and in general 2ks worth of damage to house. was legendary like so its all cool. thanks

  • Petra

    Ran out of food at Uni and had to eat what was left – herb sandwich.

  • Kev

    Faeces on tasted like sh*t.

  • Kate

    I went through a fase of having pot noodle sandwiches which I thought was weird! However the weirdest was from my roommate who 1) often had strawberry yoghurt and coco pops on toast! But the worst ever was 2) when she decided that anything in the cupboard will do! That’s when she chowded down on a tin of tuna mixed with a tin of peaches in syrup! Rancid! Safe to say she’s never eaten that again..

  • millrose


  • matthew nichols

    tomtoe soup with a can of tuna in with it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Mary Ann Kendell

    oatmeal biscuits with hot powdered milk to make porridge lol. quite warming on a winters day :-)

  • Jessica

    As weird as it sounds, garlic and Nutella on a sandwich is amazing. Once you try it you realise!

  • Paul Simpson

    Mmmmmmmm delicious junk

  • Gus

    Got one or two odd meals.

    1. Stale bread broken into inch pieces, place in pan with some fresh milk and sugar to taste. Bring to the boil & then serve. 2. Wash some spuds and part boil for 20 mins. Drain water and dry spuds off in the pan on the hobb. Toss in some mushy peas and butter. Move and mash up the spuds and mix roughly with spuds for 5 mins. Hey presto MushyMash!

    3. Got stall french sticks, cobs or bread rolls? cut open the bread product and dig out most of the centre bread. Fill centre with filling of choice, mash, cheese, beans etc. Fill the end with bread. Wet your hand under the tap and then wipe the water over the bread. Wrap in Kitchen foil and put in the medium oven for 15 – 20 mins.
    4. Peanut butter & Marmite on toast!
    5. Mushy peas with Butter & Mint, make a great dip for Wotsits!

  • Nat Lockwood

    Early last year 2 bills that were supposed to be taken on the last day of the month (31st) got taken early on the 30th messing up my bank account and after no refund or apology I found I had no food money left for a take away treat, or even a few quid for a few bits from the corner shop, scouting the cupboards in desperation I made a pasta with chopped chillies and gravy, it was the most sickening thing I ever tried to eat! After 2 mouth- fulls I got upset and went to bed hungry, without finishing this meshed up madness of a meal, thankfully my fiance loved it and ate the lot! I was glad when pay day arrived the next day and ordered the most expensive take away I’d purchased to date!

  • Nat Lockwood

    A regular for me too Ruth! I’m only 6 stone and always order waaaay too much, so as not to waste the food I always eat half now and save half for the next day. I’m not a usual breakfast eater but remembering the taste from the night before I can rarely make it to noon before I’m re heating!

  • Nat Lockwood

    I have also managed to burn chocolate, cheese slices can also burn in the same way…apparently! ;-)

  • Gus

    Yep still love them with Jam

  • Jodiiee

    Pasta with scrabled egg and ham and cheese and mushrooms all topped off with a bit of ketchup.. Its actually really nice

  • Gus

    Scrammbled eggs on Fruit & nut bread toast is very nice

  • Sue O’Brien

    Bacon and Peanut butter sandwiches. Not as bad as it sounds. Really tasty actually! I fancy one now!

  • Holly Sykes

    Having used to be a student there were times when I was completely skint and had to make do with whatever I had in the cupboard. Once, the only food I had was two eggs and gravy granules. Having no clean frying pan, within minutes I say enjoying microwaved eggs drowned in Bisto…it was LUSH!


    Curry on toast for breakfast !

  • Harry Lavery

    Most/oven/ kitchen lolst of my student fails include alcohol and many hours after and a ruined

  • Georgiana

    The worst ever was a ‘lasagne’ made with stale bread slices instead of pasta, a combination of whatever tinned goods we could find in the cupboard (beans/spaghetti/soup) and processed cheese slices which we had to extract from the ice at the bottom of the broken fridge. Unfortunately just before serving up this amazing concoction, due to a few too many glasses from the wine ‘bladder’ (cask wine minus the box to cut down on cost) the entire lot disappeared behind the cooker. No worries.. we slapped it back into its dish, patted it down and served it up (with extra mystery seasoning from the pit of despair!)

  • loy

    my worst was when i bought a takeaway from hungry house and got food poisioning for 2 weeks i think that tops it dont u

  • Gordon

    Weirdest would have to be puréed slug with cheese & crackers!!!!

  • Patricia Stewart

    my weirdest things are nutella and cheese sandwiches for a snack or when money was low used to throw together some pasta, tins of veg, hotdogs and whatever sauce was in the cupboard

  • Mark Madeley

    I used to love tuna pasta bake (and still do!)

  • Craig

    Peanut butter on a pizza with banana

  • Kirsty ‘Kevin’ Dark

    Creme egg with cheese and onion French fries crisps either to dip im the egg or in a sandwich :) mmm so yummy :)

  • charlie turney

    Chocolate digestives with salad cream on top, and a spot of hot sauce if you have any :) got to admit, I love them, butvthe girlfriend doesnt agree

  • Hungry

    2nd year of uni, end of the summer and proper skint. I was revising for re-sit exams and hungry. All I had in the cupboard was rice and a snikers bar. I boiled off the rice and melted in the sinkers bar at the end. Once it was cooked I had lost my appetite so I put the pan in fridge. About half an hour later I became even more hungry than before and devoured the soft starchy, brown, nutty sweet congealed mass. I still don’t know why I didn’t just yam the snikers bar.

  • Debbie Whyte

    Not a student but hubby has made pizza with baked beans, banana and olives – not the prettiest pizza but he enjoyed it

  • hulk smash

    Bacon Super Noodles, Nik-Naks (Rib & Saucy – standard), cucumber, Cheese Strings and season to taste. Note to all, the hot cucumber and the soggy crisps are definitely a no-no, Also – Cheese Strings do not react well to heat. They don’t react at all actually that was the problem.

  • Amanda

    I used to have boil in the bag fish with 2days old sasages!!

  • Andy

    Rice and peas with some hp sauce with diced processed cheese yum at least I thought so at the time

  • sean

    Not a student any more what a shame loved the good old days
    Not told my house mates this untill now omg there wil kill me
    I was cooking for five of us a beef curry. .
    I had all the spice and herbs but not alot of beef so what i did sorry to my house mates who will kill me i used 2 tins of cat food took the chunks out
    Of the tin and put inn with the curry everyone enjoyed i only ate very little. So sorry to my house mates

  • claire

    a noodle and fried egg sandwich munch lol

  • Caitlin Smith

    i sometimes make a noodle sandwich when i cant be bothered making much else, i do this by making koka noodles how you normally make them & then scoop some noodles and put them in bread, its really nice :)

  • Daryl

    I usually have at least once a week Mash Potatoes with tomatoe soup poured over the top so nice!!

  • Bonnie

    cold spaggetti hoops with cold chunks of cheese…out of the tin..yummy

  • Sammi

    chicken curry pasta bake is superrr tasty, sainsburys own brand canned chicken curry, sainsburys own brand curry sauce and sainsburys own brand pasta, meal for 2-4 could even stretch to 6 if need be all for below £3

  • Amy Sh

    Whilst trying to save money I successfully lived on 8p instant noodles, with bargain frozen mixed veg for nearly a month!

  • Beardo

    Next day Sunday dinner turned into an omleat nom nom

  • Jo Jo Allen

    i sometimes dip cucumber in strawberry yoghurt, if thats all there is, its nice all the same.

  • Daniel Clarke

    Peanut butter and pasta (with someone elses ordinary butter)! Desperate times, but I also like to be experimental because who knows, it may have been nice. Pasta was too dry on its own, shortly after that I realised that peanut butter is also dry, so I added my housemates butter to the equation (she doesn’t know to this day.) I’ve tried worse things.

  • Jkmsc

    You really had a cat as a student??

  • Meeeeee

    I’m gunna try that one!! Love crisps and chocolate together!!

  • J&K

    I must admit there is some weird combos on here. Mine are
    Salmon with lemon curd – it goes all sticky :)
    Scampi and Nutella – again it goes sticky but the Nutella sticks to the scampi really well so is easy to eat!
    Silverskin onions, chopped apples,grapes and cheese mixed together on crackers or bread!! made sense at the time!!

  • sean

    Yes we did itvwas not mine
    It was one of our house mates and she still as the cat now.

  • Lois Levy

    fish finger risotto – rice slightly out of date ( only 18 months ) and the odd freezer burn on the fish fingers. The brown sauce didnt really help

  • Matthew

    Corned beef hash with custard!

  • Susan Barclay

    potato waffle with slice of cheese fried egg a beef burger (not horse I don’t think but who knows) and a dash of brown sauce yummy lol

  • Evis

    I’ve had noodles with ketchup, It actually tastes nice. I also sliced hotdogs into my omelettte mmmm yum! My friend mixed vodka and tea, she said it was nice (I didn’t drink it though).

  • Ciaran

    My house m8 one day had some milk and ceareal (so far normal) then adds baked beans (cold) and Bombay mix! Then he proceeds to have buttered toast with jam and scoops his Bombay mix concoction onto the toast and eats it. He assured me that it tastes delicious, and has it reguraly. I have not tried to it to this day.

  • Leanne Humberstone

    Leftover Chow Mein in Yorkshire puddings x

  • rehan

    Slice of bread, spinkled as vinegar, spread with butter and sprinkle on salt. Deeeelicious, good taste as well , I enjoy that all …..

  • Dianakayz

    I came home one day to my room mate making so next dish which was an attempt at nachos she didnt have beef so she used fish sticks added some blue cheese, burnt pita triangles as well as adding olives, pickles, mayo and ketchup. Give her props for using the rest of our food but the way it looks and tasted was awful. One bite and i was running to the toilet.

  • SammyLou

    I make Gravy with Milk and italian herbs, basil and oregano…actually is a family favourite now.

  • Moo

    From one year i use to cook koka noodles everyday but when its done i put oil in the frying pan and take water out of the noodles fry them and add chilli n mayonnaise in it and fry it,sometimes i use leftover Donner from last night cut them into small pieces so it looks good with noodles n add them as well then fry them all for about 3-4 min so that Donner can get the same taste n temperature and trust me from one year i never got tired of it i m still enjoy this as u guys should also try once.Careful with the chilli sauce n if u like can add black pepper to make it a bit more tasty.Your gonna love it guys :) x

  • the big 4

    Caviar and Tesco’s finest champagne, oh I lived like a peasant in my student days. Tootle doo.

  • Matt

    The best meal I ever created has to be mash with left over veg (bubble and squeak mixed in with fresh cooked pasta. It so could im surprised the hungry horse don’t serve it up on there menu after they read this.

  • zi

    Own brand noodles with coco powder! Hits the spot

  • Anna M

    Ketchup and pasta

  • leviathon

    So we once made fish finger sandwiches, but not as many people know fish finger sandwiches to be!. We didn’t have any bread. But we did have fish fingers, baked beans, cheese and erm, honey.

    So we used the honey to stick 2 lots of 3 fish fingers together, stuck them in then oven and then dumped a load of cheese a bean on top then covered with the other fish finger ‘slice’. Tastiest bread-free fish finger sandwich I ever had!

  • hayley

    toasted bread with nutella covering both pieces with some supermarket brand noodle and you have dinner and dessert

  • Jade cash

    COuldnt afford milk but had se custard do made special k and custard for breakfast, had it ever since

  • Colleen tear

    Once fancied chesse curry so I grated a block of cheddar chesse in2 a beef madras curry n it was very nice indeed.

  • Clive Lyons

    Pasta and cornflakes bake… it was summer 1988 and the friends I was sharing a house with STILL tease me about it today, 25 years later. But even that didn’t match my attempt at mock duck a l’orange. Or, as my housemates perhaps more accurately called it, chicken in marmalade.

  • pompeyfan

    After a drinking session it was a case of everything in the cupboard exept the buisuits!

  • Scot Francis

    My sister and I always eat bovril or marmite with butter and cheddar cheese, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix together. Add ready salted crispy to the equation and yum! We also buy fisherman a pies and add cheesy wits its to the top. Cheap and delicious!

    A personal favourite of mine is homemade roast potatoes with coleslaw and patatoe salad and chessy pasta bake, topped of with a generous amount of gravy! Incase you haven’t realised I love cheese. Which reminds me chesse, pickle and marmite toastie a are also lovely!

  • maz

    random one for you… but its actually real nice!… mince beef goes on the bottom… then boiled rice on the second layer… then a tin of heinz tomato soup goes on the top… put it in the oven for 20 mins. it sounds vile but its lovely!

  • Mark Combe

    The lemon curd and cheese sandwhich. An absolute winner!

    Met many people who like cheese and Jam, but none as yet who appreciate lemon curd and cheese. Had to become an affiliate member of the jam & cheese gang :-(

    Any Lemon curd & cheese people out there?

  • Jimmy Fältskog

    Something which is quick, easy and very cheap is macaronis with sprinkled wots’its on top! Delicious!

  • poguelover

    i used to love burnt toast with onion, mayo an garlic granules with cheese and chocolate spread or strawberry jam on top then melt the awful cheese/jam or chockie spread under the grill

  • selina

    noodles with cheese oxo cube

  • Gaspode

    Pie sandwich! Two slices of bread and a small steak pie out the freezer. Can’t go wrong :D

  • amber mills

    In the fridge i had only a packet of cheese slices and a few crab sticks, so i wrapped the cheese around the sticks and microwaved it. I don’t know what was worse, the smell or the taste.

  • tornwings

    breakfast lasagne, lol. sounds wierd but everyone likes it. use tined beans and a tin of hotdog sausages sliced up to put inbetween the lasagne sheets. top with either a jar of lasagne topper or a homemade white sauce very easy, snip up a slice of bacon and sprikle over the top. 30 minutes in oven and you’ve got a meal for 4. really yummy.

  • Camdenite

    My flatmate’s staple at Uni – and also counts as comfort food now – is boiled rice with baked beans and tinned tuna mixed in – she swears by it, but it smells like cat food to me!

  • Hannah Rigby

    Fish fingers and potato waffles can both be cooked in a toaster. Lovely 5 minute meal when you get in drunk, with the added bonus that you can’t set the fire alarm off, waking up the entire student halls at 4am, if you forget you’re cooking and fall asleep!

    Just never let the fish fingers break up in the toaster, if you leave a flake of fish in there the kitchen will never be free of that smell, and all future visitors will enquire why their toast tastes “a bit weird”. Oops.

  • Hamza Cheema

    When I was in a shared flat my flatmate and I used to complain of not eating healthy enough to resolve this issue we had some pizza but to make it taste better we put pieces of cut out bananas on the pizza and some broccoli it was nutritious and tasty :)

  • Samantha Wallis

    I was absolutely starving and didn’t really know how to cook, so I raided the fridge and cupboards and discovered bourbon biscuits, cheese and salad cream in a sandwich. To this day, my friends think I’m crazy, but its still one of my favourite things to eat :-)

  • Gill UK

    Yorkshire pudding spread with butter and dipped in sugar.. Tasted a bit like doughnuts.

  • beebee

    One crazy time me and my friends went out and they all stayed at my house. We woke up and was so hungover but decided to make breakfast. Since I am the one always cooking I said I am going to make a slap up meal. I made fish fingers, bake beans and fried dumplins. I told them all to take three shots each of vodka (remember it is like 12 in the afternoon) so now they were drunk again in the morning (except me I made sure I had water) and I dared them to eat this creation I made of:
    cheerios (cereal) with milk
    fish fingers
    fried dumplings
    bake beans
    That was all mixed up into a bowl each for them to eat.
    Now some of them refused but yep I got my way in the end and yes it tasted disgusting but one of my friends quiet enjoyed it and ate the lot (I think she was too drunk to even realise the taste but that’s probably because they all took more shots than I told them to).

  • Pat

    Tuna on toast with condense milk -.- I know this sounds weird but it actually tastes ok

  • Nina

    This happened when I was drunk. I was so hungry so I opened up a noodle packet, because I was drunk my senses was not that good. I picked up a sprite bottle wishing it was water inside because it was not fizzy. I tasted it and I was sure it was water. I was with two of my friends and they assured me that it was water aswell. Obviously they are drunk too. I boiled the “water” and put it in the bowl with noodles in it. I taste it and we all looked at each other and said the noodle is sweet. We shouldn’t buy this flavour ever again. We were so hungry we had seconds. The next day I woke up and wanted a drink. Guess what I found out. We ate noodles with sprite BOILED…. Lol

  • Mi

    Chorizo Sandwich with Nutella

  • Trisha Nash Turner

    In the past ive made a dish called “slug slime” you boill up some pasta shapes, then when cooled mix in some salad cream or mayo and then add in some pineapple chunks! Cheap and quite tasty lol

  • Michael

    1. Take 2 x slices of white bread
    2. Add a handful of salted peanuts
    3. Squirt on a good splodge of nearest condiment (pref. sweet chilli sauce)
    4. Consume
    5. :-(

  • fifinella

    Hoping to use all the tinned cupboard food before doing a shop, I made tinned spinach, mushroom, chickpea, and pineapple curry….we ended up getting takeaway pizza!

  • Emmie Hacking

    tomato sauce sandwiches :)

  • Emily Phipps

    My husband eats brown sauce sandwiches… If feeling adventurous may add a pack of crisps into the equation… This is when I was away with work… much more desperate than anything I ate as a student!!!

  • Lisa Wildish

    left over curry or pizza for breakfast is always a winner!!

  • CityGent

    Leftovers of a Sunday roast dinner – chicken, potatoes, parsnips, and stuffing – all chopped up and cooked with a rogan josh sauce. Lover Sunday Roast? Love curry? Heavenly mix!

  • Jets

    Microwave a caranel rocky bar and dip mini cheddars in the melted caramelly chocolate lol

  • vera

    Rice with lemon juice houmus olive oil n hp sauce all mixed up with a touch of cayanne pepper delucious

  • katrina day-reilly

    pot noodle

  • Sharon Marshall

    Tuna, smash, with a dash of mustard mixed together with a dash of mustard then a packet of prawn cocktail crisps to use to eat the mix with.. Yummers.

  • celine

    used to have pasta tomato ketchup & grated cheese when id run out of money you have your carbs,dairy&antioxidents

  • MissDaisy

    roll out sliced bread and cut the crust off, then mix left over fajita powder with water and spread over bread, cover with cheese, slices are the best! put in the oven 10 mins fajita cheesy delight :)

  • MissDaisy

    one my vegi friend swears by is boiled rice baked beans and sliced raw onion with cheese on a rich day

  • Sylvia Paul

    I used to love marmite and my favourite was marmite and chip sarnies.

  • hamish

    Grilled Mars Bar on toast, bubbly melted chocolate and caramal on thick sliced seeded bread, actually turned out to be alright. tried it again but instead with a curly whirly,actually tasted even better.definetly reccomend no matter how strange it sounds

  • Briandenisdenis

    I once found myself desperately hungry with only half a pack of beef ravioli, a pot of yoghurt, and my flatmate’s chilli oil with dried shrimps. I microwaved the ravioli with a tablespoon of water, let them soak it up for a couple minutes. Then I coated them in two tablespoons of yoghurt and two teaspoons of chilli oil with dried shrimps. It was so delicious that 20 years later I still make it as a treat! Add lots of black pepper on top…

  • Nikki Borris Wells

    Ice cream + Tabasco sauce.
    cold ice cream. THEN IT GETS SPICY! ARGH! more ice cream to cool it down. AND THEN IT GETS SPICY! ARGH!
    one beautiful vicious circle.



  • Nat

    Toasted Cheese and Jam Sandwich! The best thing ever!!! Also good with Mushrooms and Bacon inside too! Or Cheese and Thousand Island Sandwich…not as nice!

  • Laura Elizabeth Butcher

    Lasagne, Chinese style… So, I tried to make a “posh” dinner for my housemates. I bought flat pasta lasagne sheets, minced “beef” (who knows), and a jar of white/ cheese sauce. What could go wrong? Oh yes, the part where you make a tomatoey sauce to cook the mince in. I forgot to buy that so I raided the cupboard & found a jar of uncle ben’s sweet & sour sauce. Why not? It actually tasted pretty good, and my secret was only given away when one housemate said “Why are there lumps of pineapple in the lasagne?” Oops.

  • Adam

    This is for everyone who loved or liked the bacon flavoured pot noodle like I did. I used to do it a lot with the cheap chicken and mushroom pot noodles just to test and it works perfect all you need is….. BBQ sauce just add a fair amount and you’ve made a cheap and not so nice c&m pot noodle in to the bacon flavoured pot noodle we all used to love. And to be honest who doesn’t like bacon

  • amy buller

    satay omlette! a drunken silly idea we had one night wich involved penunt butter cheese bean sprouts and chilli… was a disaster

  • Kim

    warm baguette/pitta dip it in hommous …yummy and tasty ready in less than 2 minutes ..will fill u up as well :)

  • Cameron

    Banana, ham, jam, peanut butter, cheese (melted of course) and nutella sandwich – Yum yum :-)

  • Glen Gall

    Quick and simple some chicken with a can of lager from the night out. Throw in some soy sauce and corn flour with salt and sugar then boom! Cheap and well quick to rustle up. Then serve with rice chips or what ever u got in really try it

  • Glen Gall

    omellette with beans cheese bacon chilli and garlic drenched in mayo

  • ryan

    rolo yougour on pizza

  • ryan


  • Istteffanny

    Easy, Easy. Near the university there is a 99p store, I would go there buy a couple of boxes of popcorn which comes with four in a packet and I would eat it every day. Get home, 2 minutes on the microwave and I have a nutritious food…….. Add a cup of fizzy drink or juice, whatever is available!!!!!! (Maybe even tea!) then I have the best meal. For dessert, just a chocolate found behind the bed…. :-)

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