Basil Leaf Pizzeria and Grill, Tooting: Review of the Week

This week’s Review of the Week winner, Marianne, has provided us with a spectacular overview if what sounds like a delicious dinner. Well deserving of this week’s £25 voucher.

Read on to find out more –

“For a change we tried an Italian restaurant new to us, Basil Leaf Pizzeria and Grill (Tooting). Unlike many other Italian which just serve pizza, The Basil Leaf has a range of starters and mains with lots of options and extras. The adults opted for chicken, king prawns and rice while the kids chose pizza, chips and BBQ chicken wings.

The sauted King Prawn gamberoni (£5.95) was delicious, full of flavour and with ample lemon butter sauce for the grilled bread and tomatoes. Create your own 11″ pizza with 5 toppings – bbq chicken, beef pepperoni, chicken, green peppers, and mushroom was superb value (£9.95) and just as good if not better than the other main delivery giants. Half peri peri chicken (£7.75) was available in different options of heat, we chose lemon and herb with 2 sides (spicy rice & chips).

Again not to be let down, the chicken was perfectly cooked, plenty for two, still a little hot in spiciness but also faultless. 6 BBQ Chicken wings(£3.95) were ample, full of meat and flavour, also great value for money and promptly disappeared. In fact all the chicken was grilled and crispy on the outside yet still perfectly moist on the inside. Although after ordering, the surprise was a 30% discount (-£8.28) for a meal for 5 at £27.60. Therefore a a total spend of £19.32 and 5 empty plates.

The only downside we had, was 6 unexpected little pots of sauce that came with the meal, all in different colours and flavours, appreciated, delicious again but unfortunately they were not named, so we had no idea what they were. (1 very hot indeed which burnt everyone’s lips). A very minor blip, but we will definitely be ordering again though, because of the choice, value and taste.”

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Posted on: October 30, 2013 | by: Ed

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