BBQ Centre, Hendon: Review of the Week

BBQ Centre, Hendon: Review of the Week Jennifer
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Taking an evening off cooking and ordering takeaway for the family often seems like a fairly straightforward thing to do – it’s all about relaxing, right? Unfortunately it can often become more stress than it’s worth, especially when no one can agree on what kind of food they want! Never fear – there is hope in the form of BBQ Centre, Hendon! These guys know how to cater for all tastes; from vegetarian curries to big beefy burgers and bbq chicken wings! This week’s Review of the Week winner, Adele, was thrilled by the amount of variety on offer – it always makes life easier when there’s something for all the family:

“It’s hard to believe we had such good quality food at such a low price. I couldn’t cook it myself for that price and instead had an evening off cooking! My sons and I all like different types of food and this restaurant had such a variety. I had vegetarian curry and rice and it tasted like homemade. The container was also absolutely packed full. One of my sons likes burgers with all the trimmings and chips and he had a very full container, and my other son likes hot and spicy food so he had barbecued hot wings with chips. Again, his container was jam packed”. 

The packed portions also meant there were still some leftovers to feed the hungry troops again! Takeaway – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

“There was even food left over. We’ll definitely use this restaurant again and also the hungryhouse service”. 

Variety is the spice of life, so why not order now from BBQ Centre, Hendon? 



Posted on: June 3, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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