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‘Will you marinate me?’ The best foods to use for a proposal

It seems like not a day goes by without someone getting engaged on Facebook and then the little heart symbol pops up in the top right-hand corner to taunt you! (Ok, enough about my bitterness). Proposals in the past used to be a quick getting-down-on-one-knee, hoping for the right answer, praying you got the right ring size and voilà, it’s done! Nowadays people are trying to ‘do one better’ in their proposal process and are coming up with the craziest and most original ideas ever such as the guy that made his own movie trailer or the guy that proposed at the White House! Check out the cream of the crop here.

These are all well and good, but somebody once said ‘the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach’ and we’re not going to argue with that! So a proposal involving food is a fail-safe way to get someone to say ‘yes’…surely?
While waiting for our other halves to pop the question, we at hungryhouse decided to have a look at the delicious ways lucky partners have been proposed to and which are the best food substances to use. Sadly we’ve just missed the most popular month for proposals, December, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So let’s see which snack is best for hiding that piece of bling!

‘Who proposes with a cupcake, honestly?’. Ok, so it’s ‘who throws a cupcake?’, but just wanted to get my favourite Goldmember quote in there. Anyway, everyone likes cupcakes! You get extra brownie points (haha, get it?) if you bake it yourself because no woman can resist a man who bakes! Prepare some icing in her favourite colour, stick a fondant teddy (or something like that) on top and carefully place the ring on top of all that. If your partner has a sense of humour how about Cookie Monster cupcakes and replace the cookie with the ring?

Cupcake with ring

Don’t be such a cheapskate with the ring though! (via)

Are you both sushi lovers? There are so many types of sushi this could work with! Put the ring around some avocado maki, on the end of a shrimp’s tail or place it inside temaki (cone-shaped sushi that looks like a bouquet of flowers). Don’t coat it in wasabi though to camouflage it – nothing good can come of that!

Proposal over sushi dinner

‘Honey, put it on quickly – I’m starving!’

Ice cube
Ok not exactly food, but it’s edible. How about freezing the ring inside a cube and popping it into her favourite cocktail? Then watch her face light up as she spots the sparkler! If she’s a slow drinker the ring will hopefully be sitting in the bottom of the glass. Best stick to clear cocktails then…sorry, piña colada!

Cocktail with cherries

Has she seen it yet? (via)

Fortune cookie
Hopefully including the cookie will bring you extra luck! Use tweezers to carefully extract the piece of paper from the cookie’s clutches then insert your own message. A fortune cookie waiting patiently on the table is the most unsuspecting thing ever – she won’t have a clue! Or ever better, ask the waiter to bring the cookie to her, but make sure he doesn’t mix them up. Her message reading ‘get rid of anything annoying in your life’ might soon become reality when she dumps you for messing up the proposal!

Fortune cookie proposal

Don’t quite know how you’d get the ring in there, but you could give it a try…

No camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows, plus how romantic is a night in the wilderness with no-one around? The perfect setting! Squeeze the ring onto one of the gelatinous white flumps and pop it back into the bag. Then play the waiting game…
If you don’t have time to prepare a camping trip at the moment just light a mini fire in your garden, string up a few fairylights and have a bottle of bubbly at the ready. Or you could just wait 9 months until Bonfire Night, but just make sure a greedy kid doesn’t stick his hand in the marshmallow bag first.

Marshmallow hearts

Or even better…heart-shaped marshmallows! (via)

Whatever you do, make sure the ring can easily be found as you don’t want to end up like the guy who proposed with an x-ray of a ring after his fiancée-to-be accidently swallowed the sparkler, not realising he’d hidden it inside her milkshake.

Guys, I wouldn’t worry so much, with many girlfriends choosing to propose to their partners on Valentine’s Day, you might not even have to come up with an original idea…

So what do you think about these proposal ideas? Love them or leave them? Let us know in the comments…

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