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Irresistibly Tasty Ribs on hungryhouse

I’m a man of simple pleasures me. Forget your fancy food and trips to the Opera, I love nothing more than slouching on the sofa, binge watching my favourite show and feasting on a truly gorgeous rack of ribs. The third series of House of Cards launches this Saturday, and as fans of the show will know Frank Underwood likes nothing more than tucking into a full rack of BBQ ribs before launching another nefarious scheme.

So I thought it was the perfect time to share with you my love of ribs, showing you that fans of sticky, succulent ribs have got plenty to sink their teeth into on hungryhouse.

La Kalbi (Korean Beef Ribs)

Everyone knows that the Koreans have perfected the art of barbecued goodness, and if you’re looking for an exotic twist on an old favourite then get ready to sink your teeth into some delicious La Kalbi (or ’Galbi’) beef ribs.

la kalbi ribs

My tongue’s wagging (via)

Lovingly marinated in an unbeatable mix of soy sauce, pear juice, rice wine, garlic and sugar giving them a truly unique taste, these thin-cut short ribs are perfect for sharing, or not, if you’re a greedy so and so.

Where to get some?
Ginnan – 1-2 Rosebery Court, Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 5HP

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Honey Roast Spare Pork Ribs

Ribs are extremely popular in both American and East Asian cuisines, and the piece de resistance are surely extra sweet honey roast spare ribs.

spare ribs in honey sauce

sweet rib deliciousness (via)

Combining thick honey sauce with chilli peppers, oyster sauce and a fair amount of garlic, these ribs strike just the right balance between being spicy and sweet. I don’t know about you, but succulent pork marinated in a sticky, sweet and fiery sauce sounds like heaven.

Where to get some?
New Summer Palace308-310 Old Liverpool Road, Warrington WA5 1DP

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Kaburga Dolmasi (Turkish Lamb Ribs)

While Beef and Pork ribs tend to steal the show, Lamb ribs are just as rich and juicy, and they punch far above their weight in fulsome flavours.

kaburga dolmasi ribs

Ready to burst (via)

Proving that ribs needn’t just be a delicious side dish, Kaburga ribs serve up pieces of tender lamb breast stuffed with rice, minced onion and seasonings. These ribs are then sewn up again, before being marinated and barbecued to perfection.

Where to get some?
Troy Barbecue96 Streatham Hill, London SW2 4RD

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Kin Do (deep-fried) Spare Ribs

Forget swimming with Dolphins or skydiving in New Zealand, add ‘finishing off an entire plate of deep-fried spare ribs’ to your bucket list immediately!

deep fried ribs

Definitely not small fry (via)

Kin Do (or ‘King Do’) ribs are coated in hoisin or soy sauce, honey, and a dry sherry or rice wine, before being seasoned with lashings of garlic and a dash of sugar. To cap it all off, the ribs are then deep fried to ensure that all of the bursting flavours are locked in. For an extra touch, dip them in chilli sauce before getting stuck in!

Where to get some?
Marmaris - 175 Lower House Lane, Norris Green Liverpool L11 2SF

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BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Howdy! Nothing beats enjoying your favourite show while feasting on a delicious rack of classic American bbq ribs.

barbecue ribs

Irresistible (via)

Real traditional bbq ribs have got to be three things; sticky, messy, and spicy. Cayenne peppers and ground cumin bring the heat, whilst the barbeque sauce is a lovingly sticky mix of mustard, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and black peppers. I’d buy that for a dollar.

Where to get some?
Sticky Fingers1a Phillimore Gardens, Kensington London W8 7QB

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