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The Best Special Requests from You: Girlfriend Edition

When you order a takeaway, it should be exactly how you want it. Just like ordering in a restaurant, you should be able to ask the chef to make it extra spicy or warn them about your nut allergy. There’s a handy box you see when you’re completing your order with hungryhouse that lets you add in any special requirements you might need to make your takeaway meal closer to perfect. And although most are filled with things like “Diet coke instead of regular please” and “shellfish allergies”, some of the young lovers on the platform have taken special requests to the next level. ¬†Whether they’re trying to make it up to their angry girlfriends or declare their undying love through the language of pizza, they are enlisting the help of the restaurant make them look good. Here are some of the most outstanding requests we’ve received recently:

The Naughty Boyfriends

“Could you please write ‘Sorry Chloe’ on the box; this is an apology to an argument” – James

#romantic #resourseful

“Please don’t ring bell – Plus please hurry girlfriend mad as I didn’t order earlier!!” – Paul

Cindy, he’s trying. Give him a second chance!

sorry (image via)

Sorry (via)

“It is valentines and i forgot to get my girlfriend a card please help me make it up to her” – Hamish

Gurl, you can do better.

“I would like a girlfriend” – Chuck

Hang in there Chuck, she’s out there.

The Keepers

“Bring sushi in a heart shape please. It’s me and my girlfriend’s 1 year anniversary :-) thank you.” – S

So romantic! And polite.

love sushi

Love sushi (via)

“My girlfriend has never tried Indian food before! Please make it extra special! Of course”

If she hasn’t tried a curry yet, she’s about to fall in love twice! If it’s going well, get her a sexy curry next time ; )

“Asap please my girlfriend is super pretty but sad and hungry! Thank you x” – Cooper

Cooper, listen to your mum’s wisdom and never date a super pretty but sad and hungry girl. They’re nothing but trouble and heartache and they say they’re not hungry and then eat all your chips.

“Can you please ensure it is hot and fresh :) Trying to please the new girlfriend and want her to be 100% satisfied! Thankyouuu!” – M.

Hang on to this one!

heart pizza

Heart pizza (via)

Bonus Round: Hungry Wife!

“Please be quick my pregnant wife may eat me!” – Sean

Don’t be ridiculous Sean, she’s not going to eat you.


In this case, I think she actually may kill you if you forget the chilli sauce again. Never keep a woman from her chilli sauce.

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Posted on: January 15, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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