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Britain’s Favourite Chinese Dishes

It’s time to celebrate the wonder that is the Chinese takeaway!  As a huge fan of Chinese takeaway myself, I decided to delve into the hungryhouse order data to discover which are the most popular Chinese dishes in Britain.  There’s probably few surprises in our top five but there’s good reason why each of these dishes have come to be enduring takeaway classics.

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The Five Most Popular Chinese Takeaway Dishes in the UK

Chow Mein

chow meinLegend has it that Chow Mein was originally made from a load of leftovers, but in the last century the mouthwatering dish has become the premier Chinese takeaway treat on both sides of the Atlantic. Stir fried with fresh spring onions and delicious soy, it’s gorgeous and satisfying when packed full of chicken, beef, prawns or sweet and succulent char siu roast pork. Chow mein is ideal as a side dish to share alongside a saucy main, or as a main course that’s strictly not for sharing.



Crispy aromatic duck

crispy aromatic duckPretty much a guaranteed dish on every Chinese food menu in Britain, crispy aromatic duck is derived from Peking duck and has come to represent the fusion of British tastes and Chinese cuisine.  It’s deep-fried deliciousness combined with that perfect spicy marinade means it’s consistently one of the most ordered Chinese dishes throughout the UK. Served over soft pancakes with smoky hoi sin, crispy aromatic duck is perfect for when you’re wanting to class up a chilled night in.



Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried riceHearty egg fried rice is the prefect side dish to accompany many of Britain’s favourite Chinese main courses, from sweet and sour to succulent beef in black bean sauce. Stir fried to perfection with soy and Chinese spices, the rice is irresistibly tasty, while the egg has a gorgeous scrambled texture having been hurled straight into the hot wok during preparation.




Sweet and Sour

sweet and sourWhether it be with chicken, pork or king prawn that’s been lovingly battered, fried and sauced with that wondrous concoction known as sweet and sour sauce, this dish is a takeaway treat that’s tangy, fresh and satisfying, especially when jam packed with tasty treats like cheery tomatoes, peppers and pineapple chunks. Best served on a fresh bed of fried rice with a generous dollop of dark soy sauce,



Spring rolls

VietnameseSpringRollsLast but not least, there’s the eternally popular spring rolls.  Let’s not kid ourselves, the greasier these bad boys are, the better!  Technically Chinese spring rolls are filled with cabbage and various other vegetables but to be honest, I’m all about the fried rice paper dipped in soy sauce.  A better starter to any Asian meal, I’ve yet to find!




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Posted on: January 9, 2014 | by: hungryhouse

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