British eating habits

British Eating Habits – Infographic

The results are in! We asked over 8,000 hungry Brits about the food they love and the odd ways they consume it. Don’t be surprised when your neighbour bends over to snatch up that piece of pizza off the ground, because over 70% will do just that! Get all the British eating habits here! HowBritsEat

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How Brits Eat

Posted on: June 25, 2013 | by: hungryhouse

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  • Jacob E. Dawson

    I think the 10 second-rule is pushing it…5 or less ftw :)

  • Alex

    10 secs is quite all right! There´s nothing wrong with it as long as your kitchen is tidy and clean.

  • AliceHero

    Don’t lose your day job Cameron!

  • Jenn

    Lemon or lime!? I believe avocado is the magic ingredient there…

  • Ross

    No way – we always went by the 3 second rule, although that applied to all surfaces…

  • Rebecca Jayne Smith

    What kind of clowns think it’s called ‘eggplant’ in the UK? I cry foul!

  • Rachel

    I agree with cheese probably being the hardest thing to give up – it would be for me anyway! The amount of people eating food dropped on the floor is quite high – it depends whether you mean in your kitchen or on the street. I don’t quite fancy dog poo pizza!

  • Jason Findley

    I disagree, I would never give up bacon. What would life be without a bacon sandwich on those hangover Sunday’s?!

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