Burger Etiquette: How Do You Eat Yours?

As burgers are getting bigger and bigger and fuller and fuller, burger etiquette is something we’ve been pondering of late.

Is it best to shove the whole thing in your mouth and mop up the consequences or should it be eaten with a knife and fork?

It’s a delicate business and a touchy subject for some burger connoisseurs and experts, but we’ve considered some of the possibilities below. Does one speak to your burger-eating preferences?

All in one go

Some people go for the ‘all in one’ (via)

There are always going to be people who go all-out for things in life, stopping at nothing to get what they want or where they want to be. Whether it be clubbing, hoovering or burger eating.

The ‘all in one go’ burger eaters fall into this category; they don’t want to miss a single flavour and demand that each bite contains at least of bit of each element. From the juicy meat to the char-grilled bun, everything must go in to be savoured at once. It takes a great degree of skill to ensure no burger juice/tomato sauce/wayward gherkins drip out, but if this way of burger feasting can be mastered, it reaps great taste rewards.

A tale of two halves

Two halves do make a whole (via)

There are those who argue the ‘lid’ of the bun is the most superfluous part of any burger and will never eat it as it serves no real purpose. The lid will just sit there, covered in lettuce and mayo, feeling dejected and unloved, before ending it’s brief life in the bin, having never be touched.

We do fully understand that eating the base bun and, of course, the burger itself, totally takes priority and by the time all that deliciousness has been consumed, why on earth would a piece of bread seem like an appealing option?

Half the bun

An irreparable split (via)

Some claim cutting the burger in half is nothing short of a travesty – attempting to tame something that is supposed to be messy and ‘uncut’ takes away the raison d’etre of enjoying a burger. Some burgers are just not meant to be tamed.

But others see it as a perfectly normal and logical move, making the consumption process easier and facilitating more instagrammable juicy burger shots. (We’re not buying it. Put that knife down, we want to see a bit of mess.)

Low carb burger

no bun burger

Look mum, no bun! (via)

The burger and the bun: best of friends, partners in crime, together forever? NOT ANY MORE! Bunless burgers are on the market everywhere, and the low-carb crowd are gobbling them up. You may well think it’s a April Fools joke that has gone on too long, but no, we’re not kidding you. These things are real!

We have seen bun substitutes such as portobello mushrooms, lettuce leaves, bacon weaves and ramen noodles, but none can possibly beat the classic goold old sesame bun.

Except perhaps the glazed doughnut burger. Triple bypass here I come!

In the words of the that famous ad for a certain sugar filled chocolate egg, how do you eat yours?