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Burnage Tandoori, Burnage: Review of the Week

Burnage Tandoori, Burnage: Review of the Week Jennifer
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Summary: Burnage Tandoori, Burnage: Based on rating from 6th Jan 2014


An wonderful benefit to the review system on the site is to encourage others to try somewhere they may not have considered before. It is therefore twice as fun when a meal which inspires a Review of the Week comes after an on-site recommendation. This week’s winner, Alison, wins a £25 hungryhouse voucher – which could go towards further culinary discovery.

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“This was the first time we have used hungry house and we found it to be really helpful in deciding which takeaway to choose. We decided on the Burnage Tandoori due to the positive reviews left by other satisfied customers.

We have never ordered from Burnage Tandoori before and were pleased with the selection of vegetarian dishes to choose from. All of the curries and side dishes were fresh, flavoursome and were not covered in ghee.

The garlic naan bread was nice and fluffy without being too thick and doughy. The service from Burnage Tandoori was excellent even though it was New Year’s Eve and they delivered well within the expected estimated timeframe.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and we will definitely be ordering from the Burnage Tandoori again. Definitely would recommend!”

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Posted on: January 8, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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    Very nice 5****

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