Celebrities and their love of Indian cuisine

In the UK we’re not adverse to the odd curry – it’s one of the most popular takeaway choices! It is estimated that the average UK adult spends £30 per month on Indian cuisine, either in restaurants or purchasing ingredients.
It’s easy to understand why! Indian cuisine caters for hardcore meat eaters as well as veggies, and spice lovers as well as mild fans. Is there anything tastier than a palak paneer with juicy cubes of cheese mixed in with creamy spinach? (ok, I’m biased as that’s my favourite dish) or a red-hot lamb vindaloo with succulent pieces of meat bathed in herbs, spices and chillies? Although you might need a glass of milk at your side constantly throughout the meal.

It seems that we’re not the only ones in love with the South Asian nosh. Celebrities have also declared their love of madras, dhansaks and kashmirs:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her ‘unique’ tastes and apparently loves Indian grub so much that she could ‘go into an Indian food coma’. She would eat it everyday if she could, but her managers have apparently banned her from eating before performing so as not to put the other dancers off. Wise choice – you don’t want anyone passing out mid-routine from noxious gases!
No news on whether she recycled the meat from her meat dress to make into a curry though.

No fart sign

For the sake of the dancers, PLEASE! (via)

Matt Damon

Matt Daaamon (sorry, couldn’t help myself) returned last summer from travelling round India to check on’s projects as he co-found the organisation. The down-to-earth actor says it’s a ‘luxury’ to eat this food and although can’t pronounce many of the dishes’ names, says: “I just love anything that’s curried. I love spice too. I like it a bit hot.”

Indian spices

Are these hot enough for you, Matt? (via)

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise decided he was craving some delicious lobster and extra-spicy chicken tikka masala while filming All You Need Is Kill in Hertfordshire in August 2012. He popped into Veer Dhara Restaurant and Lounge in St. Albans (maybe he read the reviews on hungryhouse?) and placed his order. Unluckily for the actor he found it a mission impossible to pay the £220.85 bill as he only had dollars and his American Express card on him which the restaurant didn’t accept (who’d have thought it?). Fortunately a member of his team offered to pay and also left a generous £80 tip! The manager did say, however, that if he hadn’t been able to pay it would have been on the house. Well I know which Indian restaurant I’m going to next time I’m broke…

Chicken tikka masala

Tom’s favourite: accompanied by some much-needed naan (via)

David Cameron

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hails Indian food as ‘a great British industry’ and has shown his support by attempting to boost the recruitment of skilled chefs from Asia. Let’s hope they come over legally as his favourite curry house, Shaan, in Witney, Oxfordshire was recently fined after several of the employees were found to be working there illegally. David’s preferred dish of choice is said to be the chicken rogan josh.

Indian rogan josh

Dave’s dish: chicken rogan josh!

Kim Kardashian

And before you believe that the Asian cuisine can do no wrong, we present to you Kim Kardashian and her dislike of Indian food. During her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians she branded the cuisine ‘disgusting’ and caused an uproar on Twitter with people responding ‘I think it’s good Kim Kardashian doesn’t like Indian food, because that means she won’t ever visit India and that in itself is a blessing’ and ‘Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner called Indian food ‘so disgusting.’ Seriously? You don’t have to like it, but don’t be rude.’ Kim then tried to rectify her mistake (‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ springs to mind’) by saying she didn’t mean to insult Indian people or their culture, it was just her own personal taste.

Thumbs down

For every person who doesn’t like Indian food, there are a zillions that do! (via)

Well hopefully you don’t agree with Kim and couldn’t think of anything more mouth-watering than a delectable king prawn masala from Spicy Flames in Leicester or a lamb tikka bhuna from Café Masala in Sheffield. Don’t worry about the spiciness – a good old naan bread will lessen the powerful kick!

Which tantalising Indian dish can you not do without? Let us know in the comments…

Posted on: February 15, 2014 | by: Rachel

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