Dragon's Den chairs

Hungryhouse in the Dragons’ Den

In 2007, one year after the official launch of hungryhouse.co.uk, founders Shane Lake and Tony Charles got their big break by appearing on Dragons’ Den. Their impressive presentation piqued the interest of the Dragons, securing the future of hungryhouse – though it wasn’t as simple as a handshake. Watch the original presentation and read more about the coverage here:

Part 2

Watch Shane and Tony appearing on Dragons’ Den

After the Dragon’s rejection, hungryhouse bounces back

hungryhouse finds their business angels

Reflecting on how appearing on Dragons’ Den helped the business

Three years after Dragons’ Den success

To learn about hungryhouse, how it works and its long history in the takeaway food industry, visit our about us page for more!

  • chris

    oh well, how wrong the dragons were… especially the first two. arrogant twats, especially that lady. that’s exactly how take-away works, she has no idea. probably only eats at expensive french crap restaurants.

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