Going Gourmet: Part 1

We’ve reached a consensus here at hungryhouse HQ. A quick desk survey has revealed that when we order a takeaway it’s not always because we can’t be bothered to take off our onesies or put our shoes on.

Nope, sometimes we get dressed up as if we’re going to The Ivy, safe in the knowledge that our hair will never see the drizzle nor will our shoes get muddy on the path – it may seem a little loopy, but we all feel that sort of effort is warranted when we order a gourmet takeaway…

Lobster never looked so good

Lobster never looked so good as from the sofa (via)

A lobster is an ultimate gourmet treat and somehow it feels even more decadent as a takeaway dish. Where better to order such an extravagance from than Chelsea the ‘swanky’ end of London. Chelsea Gourmet Oriental has several clawed options on the menu, but if you want to give the dish that certain ‘takeaway’ edge, go for the stir fried option with ginger and spring onions.

Nothing says 'gourmet' like a kebab...

Nothing says ‘gourmet’ like a kebab… (via)

The world’s most expensive kebab, nicknamed the ‘Don of Doners’, contains milk-fed lamb from the pyrenees, saffron and champagne and is a mere snip at £750. But if you think that sounds a bit much for a regular Saturday night, a coal grilled shish is an affordable, gourmet take on a post-disco doner. Our favourite is London-based Kish with their huge portions and variety of unusual ingredients.

The ultimate sushi sophistication

The ultimate sushi sophistication (via)

There’s something about Japanese food that makes it feel gourmet, even if you’ve dropped your chopsticks and are surreptitiously using your fingers while you wait for your train home to arrive. From crab and squid to octopus, these tasty sea-beasties may not be your everday default dinner in front of the TV – these are a higher level of takeaway treat. Sumo in West Ealing pretty much sums up gourmet with the Sumo Special Selection – salmon, tuna, sea bass, prawn and salmon – can’t say fishier than that!

Tandoori naan

Tandoori naan (via)

There’s nothing more delicious than a scrumptious, spicy curry, except, perhaps a tandoori curry – the gourmet version of the household fave. Just thinking about the tender pieces of meat, slowly cooked in a clay oven has a strange, unconscious effect, making the mouth water and the tummy grumble – go on, try it. Raj Balti in Yardley serves a tandoori king prawn dish, which, along with the accompanying mint sauce, tasted like it may have been cooked in heaven’s own oven.

What’s your gourmet takeaway treat? Share your recommendations with us so we can feast ‘til our heart’s content, and then we’ll be ready for a gourmet dessert in Part 2!

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Posted on: January 10, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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