St. Patrick's Day Guinness

‘Guinness is good for you’! Delicious Guinness food pairings for St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness can be enjoyed anytime (and for good reason!), but especially on St. Patrick’s Day! You know what that means – rummage in your wardrobe for anything remotely green, pop on a silly hat and let the drinking commence! What first comes to mind when you think of the Emerald Isle? Leprechauns, shamrocks, Lucky Charms, Guinness? For most people the alcoholic beverage is one of the first things they think of and who can blame them? The dark drink with the thick and creamy head is hard to forget.

It’s one of the world’s most successful beers, is brewed in over 60 countries and is available in 100 in total. Guinness & Co. makes €2 billion annually in Ireland alone from the sales of its most successful drink.

After a pint (or two) of this wonderful bevvy that’s good for you (Guinness’ words, not ours) you will no doubt start to get peckish, but don’t ruin your palate’s party with some greasy burger from a questionable takeaway van, give your taste buds a real treat by tucking into a meal that goes well with Guinness’ tangy taste. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


This aphrodisiac goes perfectly with Guinness as the smooth texture offsets the saline sensation. It’s best to eat them raw or on the half-shell (‘turtle power!!’…sorry). Luckily Ireland has more than enough oysters due to the purity of its coastal waters. ‘Ostrea Edulis’ is the name given to the native Irish oyster and every year the Galway Oyster Festival gives visitors the chance to sample the two, as well as play games, listen to live music and watch cooking demonstrations.

Oysters in a half shell

Oysters in a half shell! (via)

Fish & Chips

As if I’d need a reason to eat this delicious meal, but now I know pairing it with a pint could make it even better! Or if you want to go extra crazy you could have Guinness-battered fish and chips WITH a pint of Guinness…ok maybe that’s too much! But if it tickles your fancy the bloggers at Lover of Creating Flavours have a great recipe for beer battered fish and chips!

Fish and chips

Is there anything tastier than fat chips? (via)

Steak and Kidney Pie

A hearty comfort food! Consisting of meaty chunks, tender kidney, copious amounts of gravy, onions and pastry means that there are a lot of flavours and textures to work with. And which drink is brave enough to take on the challenge? Guinness of course! ‘Ireland’s Mother’s Milk’ highlights the pie’s peppery taste and is the perfect drink to have on standby while you wait for your piping-hot pie to cool down.
Guinness’ bitter taste counteracts the pie’s rich flavour and sweetness (thanks to the onions!) and complements it in a way that other standard bitters can’t. Sher Gills in Glasgow has yummy pies which will go perfectly with your pint.

Steak and kidney pie

Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into those tender meat chunks?

Bangers (and mash)

The meaty, deep flavour of the sausage goes well with Guinness and do you know what would make the combination even better? A sweet, tangy dipping sauce for the sausages! Think ginger, lime, honey, ketchup and rice vinegar! Spear the sausages and immerse them in the dip!
Or if you fancy including Guinness in the actual food, make a Guinness onion gravy to pour over the bangers and mash? Then accompany your feast with a pint of you-know-what to be properly hardcore!

Bangers and mash

Bangers on a bed of mash (via)

Ice cream!

This might sound a bit weird, but bear with us. Do you remember those coke floats you had as a kid (or maybe even still drink them now?)… a glass of coke, a dollop of vanilla ice cream and then marvelling at the weird fizzling sound that occurs? If you can do this with coke, why not Guinness? It’s the adult version! Great if you want to have a dessert and get your calcium AND Guinness fix at the same time!

Guinness float

Watch out for overspill! (via)

Ugh, I’m not actually that big of a fan of Guinness…

If you’re not a fan of thick and creamy Guinness, David from the beer blog Good Morning. suggests an Irish Red Ale, which he’d choose over Guinness as his beverage of choice on St. Patrick’s Day. So if you drink Guinness throughout the year and fancy a change, go for this this delicious alternative and you’ll still be keeping in with the Irish theme.

And now a word of advice from us at hungryhouse: Never iron a shamrock… you don’t want to press your luck!

Will you be eating any of these foods on Monday? Do you have your own Guinness food pairings? Let us know in the comments!


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