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Hangover Personalities and Their Food Pairings – COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you have survived 2013 and New Years Eve! You partied like it was 2014 and there was confetti and sparkly streamers and champagne. You made New Years Resolutions and (hopefully) called your mum to wish her a grand new year. And now you join the millions, perhaps billions, of other around the world in feeling like absolute crap. Unfortunately hangovers still exist in 2014.

Regardless on how you prefer to handle your hangover, there’s one thing that you probably need right now if the New Years Day traffic on hungryhouse.co.uk is any indication: delicious food, delivered to your door (or next to your bed with a glass of water and asprin, if you get a empathetic delivery person). Therefore we’re giving away two £25 vouchers to help ease your pain!

A while back, we asked hungryhouse readers what their go-to hangover cure is and we got quite a range of interesting and extreme answers. Gathering some of the best and most innovative hangover cures from you, we’ve matched the personality type with what food goes best for your condition. So whether you crave a greasy burger with extra chips or some fresh salmon and avocado sushi, now’s your chance to win some free food.

The rules are easy. Find what hangover personality most resembles how you handle your hangover, or how you’re handling it today. Do you curl up in a ball and wallow until your friend brings you some chips? Or do you prefer the brisk walk with coconut water to replenish the electrolytes? Find your personality and food pairing and tweet or share the hangover situation on twitter or facebook with the hashtag #hungryhousehangover and be entered to win. Two lucky people will win a £25 voucher from hungryhouse! The competition closes on January 2nd at midnight so find your hangover personality to enjoy some free food on the 3rd : )

The Tour de Force Method

Brian’s cure: “A good 40 mile cycle followed by a full English, don’t forget the water?!”

You prefer to punish your hangover rather than indulge its pathetic whims. Exercise is best, so get yourself some fresh air! Recommended food pairing: the full English breakfast with extra bacon.

Does this sound like your hangover personality? Then tweet: I’m hardcore and need a full English breakfast with extra bacon twitter-bird-16x16

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Plenty of protein to help with that bike ride (via)

Get some sausage, bacon, two eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast at Jumbo in London or Leo’s Fish Bar in Manchester will throw in the tea or coffee for free.

The Wisest of the Smartest Method

Craig’s cure: “Easy – don’t drink and no hangover”

You are smart and have good future-planning skills. The thought of the hangover is worse than the taste of sweet sweet alcohol. Recommended food pairing: A sushi platter with plenty of salmon and avocado – it’s good for the brain, but you probably already know this because you are rather smart.

Does this sound like your hangover personality? Then tweet: I’m rather wise, but I still need some salmon sushi twitter-bird-16x16

order sushi new years day

Good for your brain (via)

Get some at Edo in Crystal Place one of our top takeaway picks.

Self-Pitying Method (aka Cry in the Foetal Position in Bed)

Louise’s cure: “Lucozade original and nutella with the spoon and a comfy pillow it’s all good”

You don’t handle hangover well, do you? You prefer to feel a bit sorry for yourself, curled up in the foetal position in bed, preferably with someone nearby to feel bad with you, or at least listen to how bad you feel. You commonly question why you drank so much. Recommended food pairing: someone get this poor soul a burger and chips! When it comes to hangover cures, a burger is the absolute tastiest thing in the universe and you deserve one, hands down.

Does this sound like your hangover personality? Then tweet: I’m curled up in the foetal position and need a burger with chips, stat! twitter-bird-16x16

burgers on new years day

Kiss that hangover goodbye (via)

Find a delicious 6oz gourmet beef burger, topped with 2 rashers of turkey bacon, a fried egg, special zaytuna sauce, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, sliced gherkins and topped with cheese (gaaaa!) at Cafe Zaytuna in Birmingham!

Mad Scientist Method

Jones’s cure: “Drink yourself stupid but, never go straight to sleep no matter how wasted you are. One hour after your last alcoholic beverage, drink a cup of tea with sugar and eat two pieces of buttered toast- This rehydrates, replaces the salt and sugar, it also lines the stomach ready for two paracetamol with a pint of water then off to bed. Give it a go it never failed anyone that tried it.”

Your approach to most things in life is a dynamic formula based on plenty of experimentation. Hangovers are no exception, where you take a structured approach to making sure you feel okay the next day, down to how many pieces of buttered toast to have. Recommended food pairing: Cheesy cheese pizza is what you need. Einstein favourite food was anything Italian, so you can’t go wrong if the guy who developed the general theory of relativity would endorse your choice.

Does this sound like your hangover personality? Then tweet: I’m a mad scientist who needs some delicious cheesy pizza twitter-bird-16x16

pizza takeaway new years day

Pizza and coke (via)

You can find delicious pizza everywhere, but we’d highly recommend checking out the top pizza delivery in your area, including a list for Manchester, London, Leeds and Bradford, Birmingham.

Burn the Hangover in Hell Method

Paul’s cure: “From the Greek Gods comes the nectar that washes away even the most mighty of hangovers, the divine liquor that is Chilli Sauce. Make sure it is labelled liberally on thin strips of lamb doner meat, must be lamb, must be doner and preferably ordered from a back street Kebab House with a suspiciously short queue. All of the sauce must be consumed though not all of the meat as some is required to find glued to your forehead when you wake a little dazed the following afternoon but lacking the throbbing head of past outings into the hazy world of pub.”

You like to cure most things, from a breakup to a broken phone, with hot sauce. You have a bottle in your back pocket right now. Recommended food pairing: A spicy chicken curry, preferably a vindaloo or phall from your favourite Indian takeaway restaurant. With a big glass of water. Must stay hydrated after all.

Does this sound like your hangover personality? Then tweet: I like it hot, and now I need a spicy curry to make it right again twitter-bird-16x16

order spicy takeaway

Your hangover arsenal? (via)

Winner will be announced on the at 11:59 on January 2nd so find your hangover cravings and be entered to win!

Update: Congratulations to @loismills and @FidgetBronson who win our #hungryhousehangover competition. Thanks to everyone who took part! :D

Posted on: January 1, 2014 | by: hungryhouse

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  • sharronpaluk

    Full English with all the trimming everytime!!!!

  • Shaun Humphreys

    Im to hung over to understand what i need to do to win £25 some one please tell me in no more than 6 words please.

  • Alan

    Waking up to a kebab

  • Tim

    I need a beer to get rid of this hangover :(

  • Nicola

    A fry up has to be the best hangover cure can’t beat it

  • Rose Snape

    I’m for the BBQ Wings found by Hungry House. The nearest open chicken shop, or if I’m feeling feisty and can afford it, a giant BBQ meat feast Pizza…and if I’m a total daredevil with money to spend, 20 quids worth of chinese food to rid the hangover.

  • Sunet Werner

    a big cup coffee, fresh air and hungry house curry off cause -:)

  • irene

    Best hangover cure,a tub of colslaw and 2 ltr irn bru,then a kebab with loadz of salad chilli n garlic ….
    Just cant beat it

  • Naveed Afzal

    How to enter to win £25 Food voucher codes

  • Lesley Edwards

    drink a pint of iced water with lemon, in morning before you get out of bed Bacon sarni with butter and brown sce,cup of strong sweet tea, set you up for the day.

  • Jake Goulding

    Simples I don’t drink a thing

  • twiglet

    The best hangover cure is the Chinese that you ordered the night before and didn’t eat. Cold, straight out the fridge. Divine!

  • Kirsty weller

    Ooh full English for breakfast followed by cheeseburger, chips and onion rings for tea!! Nom nom x

  • Tricia Wey

    Pick a hangover, tweet it. Done.

  • Al

    Mad Scientist Method

  • James gough

    Left over curry cold though in the morning works every time

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