Homemade lemonade

How to Make Homemade Lemonade in 3 Easy Steps

With the weather warming up, there’s one sure-fire way to keep cool in the summer heat: good ol’ fashioned homemade lemonade. What about water you say? Or coke? No we say, it is a fact* that only lemonade will keep you cool (*a fact based on no scientific evidence). But homemade lemonade is one of those things we could drink all day. It’s refreshing, delicious, a sign of summer, and lemons are considered healthy right? They’re fruit after all…

But making lemonade is ridiculously easy, with only 2 ingredients (3 if you include water, but you shouldn’t) and takes as long as it takes you to juice a few lemons. And the best part is that it acts as a base with which you can add heaps of fruit, herbs and *ahem* alcohol for more colour and flavour. And you can make it in batches and drink over a few days, or whip up a pitcher for some friends.

So impress all your friends and family by making an easy recipe for homemade lemonade, just don’t tell them how simple it actually is.

Homemade Lemonade Recipe

You will need:
6 lemons
1 cup sugar
Some water

Step 1: boil 1 cup of water on the hob and add 1 cup sugar. Turn the heat down to low and stir until the sugar is fully dissolved. Let it cool a bit.

Step 2: Juice 6 lemons. It’s a good idea to roll them first on the work top to get them juicy, then slice and squeeze until you get 1 cup of lemon juice.

Step 3: Mix the sugar syrup and lemon juice in a pitcher, and add ice and 6 cups of cold water. You’re done, congratulations!

Here is where you add some extra stuff like frozen raspberries, mint, strawberries or *ahem* alcohol. Not really, you would never do that.

by Jennifer Wood | hungryhouse.co.uk

Posted on: June 22, 2013 | by: Jennifer

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  • http://www.jacobedawson.com/blog Jacob E. Dawson

    Mmm..summer punch with a nice dash of *ahem* alcohol ;)

  • Martha

    Yes I think this recipe call for a splash of Pimm’s, for a good English style punch.

  • Ross

    So much better then the mass produced sweet lemonade you get in the supermarkets… Better with whiskey then pimms though ;)

  • Caro

    I love it with fresh raspberries (or a drop of Chambord if you need the *ahem* alcohol!)

  • Rachel

    Just need to add a paper umbrella and you’re good to go :)

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