The hungryhouse Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Halloween

Tomorrow is All Hallow’s Eve so be sure to have your fake blood, classic horror films and pumpkins at the ready!  But be advised that there is a right and a wrong to celebrate Halloween, with the wrong way potentially resulting in cliched outfits and ill-tempered children armed with eggs. Luckily, hungryhouse is here to help you navigate this terrifying holiday with a few simple dos and don’ts of Halloween.

Halloween Dos

  • Do make your own costume, it’s cheaper, funnier and likely to be more original than anything you can get from a fancy dress store.

Go homemade!

  • Do go pumpkin-mad!  Not only are they an instant injection of Halloween for your home but they’re also a tradition that harks back to Halloween’s beginnings.  Centuries ago, the British and Irish made  Jack-O-Lanterns out of turnips to celebrate the Catholic tradition of Hallowmas (All Saints Day), so when many Irish people emigrated to the United States, they took the Jack-O-Lantern tradition with them but as turnips were not available in North America, they used pumpkins instead.

(image via)

  • Do treat Halloween as a time to expand your baking repertoire. Yeah you could make some spider cupcakes or ghostly marshmallows but why not go that extra step and go for an all out baking gorefest. Think brain cupcakes, maggot-infested cocktails, eyeball truffles, blood-spattered biscuits or mummified cakes…

spooky baking – mummy cupcakes (image via)

  • Do get a costume for your pet.  The results will always be hilarious…
A dog dressed as an American football player. Obviously.  (image via)

A dog dressed as an American football player. Obviously. (image via)

Halloween Don’ts

  • Don’t give out healthy snacks instead of chocolate and sweets to trick or treaters.  As much as carrot sticks, raisins and chopped apple may be your snack of choice, it won’t ingratiate you to children on a mission for sugar and will more than likely lead to an egging.
Healthy Halloween

A Healthy Halloween’s a no-no. (image via)

  • Don’t go trick or treating unless you’re an actual child or have a child in tow.  Adult trick-or-treaters are simply creepy and won’t enamour you to your neighbours.
Trick or Treat

Remember to take a child with you when trick or treating. (image via)

  • Don’t go sexy!  If you’ve ever had the bewildering and overwhelming experience of being in America for Halloween (they really really love Halloween over there) then you’ll know that many women stateside see  Halloween costumes as an excuse to don that sexy nurse / bunny  / vampire /devil outfit (Paris Hilton is a particularly terrible offender for this).  This trend has crossed over to British shores in recent years but be wary of following our American friends’ lead on it as your likely to simply just end up looking like a walking cliche.  Go for that homemade Hannibal Lector instead!
Halloween Fail

Halloween Fail

Halloween on hungryhouse

If you’re after some Halloween-themed food for a Halloween party then why not have a pumpkin-themed takeaway!  All pumpkin dishes can be found by searching for the keyword ‘pumpkin’ after typing in your postcode into hungryhouse.   

Organica’s pumpkin fusion pizza is always a hit if you’re in the Highbury area of London or if you’re in south London, then why not try this pumpkin katsu curry from Sushi Express in Clapham Junction.  If you’re In Birmingham and want to sample a pumpkin-flavoured curry, then try the pumpkin kudhu gosht from Bombay Rickshaw Company.  

Happy Halloween everyone!

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