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Happy birthday to us! Celebrating the restaurants who’ve been there from the start

Can you believe that hungryhouse is eight years old?! Happy birthday to us! It only feels like yesterday that we were welcoming our first restaurants onto the platform and now we’re proud to say we work together with over 8,000 satisfied food establishments, all waiting to provide you with the tastiest tikka masalas or delicious dim sum.
We decided to have a chat with a few of our loyal partner restaurants who’ve been there from the start and stuck with us through thick and thin. We were intrigued to know how working together with hungryhouse has been beneficial to them and how they see their business growing in the future.

Meet the restaurants!

Mr. Uttam Bassnet, manager of Kathmandu Valley in Wandsworth, Mr. Edin Basic, manager of many Firezza restaurants and Mrs. Hong Jiang, manager of Tian Tsin in Balham have all been with us for the most part of eight years and were kind enough to give us some of their time and answer a few questions.

What were your initial thoughts?

When asked what they thought about the idea of online food ordering when they joined up, Mr. Bassnet says he believed it would be a good way to increase orders and he “always had faith in it”, Mrs. Jiang thought it made the whole ordering process convenient for customers, especially those who don’t like using the phone, and Mr. Basic thinks it’s very beneficial for small companies to help them grow, which he experienced first-hand after his three websites became eleven.

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How has the partnership improved your business?

Over the years the faithful restaurant owners haven’t waivered and have stayed positive despite not initially knowing how much the partnership would change their business. The increased orders speak volumes especially for Mr. Basic, whose restaurant originally had a 10% online order rate and now it’s 70%!
When we get onto the subject of how their business has grown since joining the platform, Mrs Jiang admits that she didn’t notice much difference at the start, but as online ordering took off a few years later, the results were clear to see. She adds “Obviously online ordering has been good for attracting customers who, for example, don’t use cash payments. Now we can accept cards and that helps attract orders.”
Mr. Basic’s business has “grown a lot with the expansion of online ordering” and the fact that they deliver gourmet pizzas to hungry locals sets them apart from the rest and earned them the industry prize for Best Gourmet Pizza Delivery.

How does it feel being one of the first restaurants?

The notion of being one of the first restaurants to collaborate with hungryhouse leaves our restaurateurs feeling proud. Mr. Basic and his business partner are pleased with what they’ve achieved and believe it’s mainly due to working together with hungryhouse, which allowed them to grow and develop at the beginning. Mrs Jiang reveals “being with hungryhouse has definitely made a big difference and helped the business expand…online ordering has definitely changed us and this has been positive”.

Since joining the platform almost a decade ago there has been many memorable moments for the three. For Mr. Basic it’s winning the industry prize and also being chosen to support We Day (an educational event where young people lead local and global change) that makes him realise how much their business is making positive changes in the world.

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The evolution of takeaway

With food delivery becoming increasingly popular we thought it was only fitting to ask our partners their opinions on how the industry has developed over the years and what they see happening in the near future. Mrs Jiang agrees that her business needs online ordering and adds “in our area there are a lot of young people and they prefer technology and are big internet users” so the option of online ordering definitely appeals to them.
Mr. Basic hopes new concepts will develop such as the possibility to order all your meals in advance and pay monthly if you don’t have time to cook. This is already happening in New York so it might make its way over to the UK! He even suggests that in a few years we might be getting our food from a 3D printer! Maybe that’s not such a crazy idea after all…

And to thank our loyal customers, whether you’ve been with us from the get-go or just recently got on board, we’d like to offer you 28% discount when you order on February 28th (our 8th birthday!). So what are you waiting for? Come and celebrate with us!

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