Ichiban Homemade Sushi, Finsbury Park: Review of the Week

Ichiban Homemade Sushi, Finsbury Park: Review of the Week Jennifer
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Despite finding themselves in that awful moment when a terrible hangover ruins perfectly deserved dinner plans – this week’s Review of the Week winner Sam was thankfully still able to enjoy the quality that Ichiban Homemade Sushi has to offer.

Perhaps this will become something of a tradition…

“Unfortunately was feeling stupid hungover and unable to eat once food arrived, so dumped the bulk of it in the fridge, but the next evening it still tasted great and I could still tell it was great quality sushi.

Their chicken goyza was awesome, crispy with a delicious sauce to fall in love with and the salmon nigiri i did manage to stomach the night before where a perfect temperature and texture.

It was also a little cheaper than my favourite sushi restaurant. I love hungry house new website layout, it is very simple and quick as compare to their previous version, 5 stars for hungry house and 5 stars for Ichibann hand made sushi :)”

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Posted on: July 17, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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