Indian Ocean, Cotham: Review of the Week

Indian Ocean, Cotham: Review of the Week Jennifer
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If you’re generally the adventurous type and relish in trying out new foods but find that when push comes to shove you’re worried about wasting your money, you’re not the only one! This week’s Review of the Week winner, Martin, was feeling cautious until he took the plunge and tried out the delectable Chicken Mirpuri from Indian Ocean, Cotham:

It’s the old dilemma, isn’t it; You look at a menu which has a mind-boggling array of dishes and you WANT to try something new but you worry about maybe not liking it and wonder if you should stick to what you DO know because you know you like it. (And then you worry that you might be missing out on something new etc. etc.) And so it was with my order from Indian Ocean. – The only answer to this dilemma is, of course, to order your ‘safe’ dishes and then add on something you’ve never heard of before. Just for a laugh. My wild card the other night was the Chicken Mirpuri and I can honestly say it was a real find”.

A man of the world with refined tastes, Martin was surprised to uncover a new flavour sensation. Refusing to play it safe paid off – in fact he was so impressed it sounds like he may have found a new favourite dish!

“Our taste buds are so global these days that we no longer really expect to find a ‘new’ taste; just variations upon ones we already know. Chicken Mirpuri was like discovering a new colour or a new sound. It genuinely WAS a new flavour to me . – Very subtle spicing and absolutely delicious. I want another one right NOW! (I know. I’m just a wacky, maverick out-there guy. Life on the edge.) But seriously, if you never eat anything new again, you just have to try a Mirpuri. You can hold me personally responsible if you don’t like it. The rest of the food was excellent, piping hot and the service was prompt and efficient.”

So there you have it, why not take a walk on the wild side and try something new next time you order? Perhaps you can even try Martin’s suggestion and order the Mirpuri now from Indian Ocean, Cotham.


Posted on: May 13, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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