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Inking outside the box – your best "draw a picture" requests

You guys are one hell of a creative bunch aren’t you? If ordering delicious curries and juicy pizzas wasn’t enough, you’ve only gone and challenged our takeaway restaurants to display masterful artistic skills alongside their culinary ones!

When ordering on hungryhouse, you’ve got the chance to add any “special requests” to the restaurant or to the delivery driver, and some of you have been using the chance to ask your takeaway to break out their GCSE Art skills and draw cartoon images on the delivery box for you.

Many of them make us chuckle, so we’ve collected some of your best requests…..

Martyn: could you draw a picture of an Irish leprechaun and call it Ben

Maybe we’ve not had the fortune to meet an Irishman called Ben, but we like to think that Martyn was desperately scrambling around for the most Irish name he could think of when he wrote this, leading him to come up with……….Ben.

Patrick: Please be advised that this is a life or death situation and we require an elephant drawn on one of the boxes. We thank you for your co-operation

You know those times when you need a takeaway driver to draw a picture of an elephant, otherwise you will be kidnapped/burgled/set on fire? Yes we do. I mean what other ‘emergency’ could she be talking about here?

Laura: Draw a Dinosaur on the lid…we shall call him Terry

Ahhh that’s what the ‘T’ stands for in ‘T-Rex’, Terry! Who knew!

t rex instagram

#trexinstagram #whywontyoulovemefood – via T-Rex Trying

Charlie: Can you please draw Godzilla attacking a building on my Pizza box and on the steak box a gold fish in a bowl. Would make 2 young children very happy!!

I’m sure playtime with those kids is a nightmare trying to balance the wishes of a goldfish-loving child against that of a Godzilla-mad one.

Angel: The delivery is for my girlfriend Nora also please draw an angel on the box if possible

Oops, someone’s in trouble and didn’t have time to run to the florists to buy a bouquet of roses! Don’t listen to what Bridget Jones, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a picture of an Angel on a box of curry….

Michael: draw harry potter on one of the boxes

Now that the Harry Potter films have dried up, maybe Daniel Radcliffe should start charging royalties for whenever someone draws Harry Potter on takeaway boxes?

harry potter desperate

Careerus expelliarmus! – via

Harrison: Draw massive penis on box please! Thank you! Ring mobile on delivery

This is a disgusting and morally reprehensible request, I mean who in their right mind asks for the delivery driver to ring their mobile upon arrival? Some people are just sick.

P.S we could’ve done an entire post of genitalia-related drawing requests, but we were worried about ruining your appetite. Still, we’re a democracy here at hungryhouse, so we’ll be happy to feature these in a future post if you are all truly dying to be showered in penis drawings.


Can you top any of these? Have you asked your delivery driver to draw you a picture and received a picture that is so good it’d be enough to make Van Gogh cut off his other ear?



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