Japanese Food Infographic

Similar to the way Justin Bieber is so much more than a pop star, Japanese food is so much more than sushi. From mayonnaise and curry to a single bluefin tuna worth more than your life (a bit harsh, but would your friends put up £1.05m for you?) Japanese food is so diverse. Did you know who really invented tempera? Check out this snazzy infographic to find out. 

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Japanese Food Facts


Posted on: April 25, 2013 | by: hungryhouse

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  • Alice Mrongovius

    Suddenly realised I have been dipping nigri sushi the wrong way around…all my life – *the shame*

  • Erik Kubik

    I have also been dipping wrong way up. the shame!

  • Adam Wojta

    SushiPassion Birmingham on Facebook:)

  • graeme

    ooops me too! Lucky I’ve not visited Japan…. yet. That’ll save me some blushes

  • Ricky ‘Mc Rb’ Benjamin

    And the ginger slices are to clear your palate between different fish/sushi pieces – my favourite food BTW!

  • jago

    What if the fish falls off?
    We do it upside up in blighty and I like the ginger with the sushi!!!

  • caroline

    I love Japan! I will have to get in the habit of saying itadakimasu before every meal :)

  • Yannis Irvine

    Pancakes don’t look like that in Britain either…

  • Trevor Lambert

    I’ve been to Japan many times and never seen anyone dip there sushi like that. Apply two or three drops of the soy sauce to the top of the fish suffices and eat as normal.

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