Maharani, Camden: Review of the Week

Maharani, Camden: Review of the Week Jennifer
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Summary: Customer Rating as of 25th of February 2014


A dedicated family business, Maharani, Camden, has been serving up delectable Indian cuisine since 1963.  It’s no surprise then, when customers praise their attention to detail and mastery of flavour. It was Chicken Tikka and Monsuri Murgh on the menu for this week’s Review of the Week winner, Ross, who was very impressed by the perfect balance of spices and fresh ingredients.

Ross describes in mouth-watering detail his delightful dining experience:

“The starter chicken Tikka was succulent tender peaces of chicken the very delicate spices’s in the chicken pieces and the fresh coriander and lemon left one’s whole mouth in delight. The main course Monsuri Murgh was as succulent as the starter, 1 hour later and I am sill sucking the juices out of my tongue drawing out the last flavours of this delightful meal”.

And of course, his compliments to the chef:

“For this there can only be the highest 5 star’s to Maharani’s chef . Thank you…”

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Posted on: February 24, 2014 | by: Jennifer

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