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News flash! Curry is good for you….

Here at hungryhouse we’re a ravenous bunch, and we’re not afraid to admit it. But nothing gets us drooling as much as the thought of a hot, spicy curry with poppadom’s and pilaf rice.

In fact, we love curry so much that we’re delighted to be sponsoring the search to find the official Curry Capital of Britain. We’ve already dusted off our suits for the Awards ceremony in October and we’re eagerly counting the votes to see which city is looking strongest with 1 week to go!

But if anyone loves curry more than us, it’s you guys. Britain is curry crazy. Did you know 18 tonnes of Chicken Tikka Masala are eaten each week? And that’s not counting all the madras, and Jalfrezi and Korma…

But did you know all this curry we are consuming is actually doing us a world of good?

If you lay off the cream (consider ordering korma and masala less often) and go for a spice-packed lean meat version (think along the lines of rogan josh, madras and jalfrezi), you’re doing your body a great favour and you may not even realise it!

Chillis aid the immune system

Chillis aid the immune system (image via)

Curry is packed with ingredients which boost your body’s immunity and healing properties. Chilli pepper, garlic, ginger and turmeric make your masala taste delicious but also contain Vitamin A, C and B6, all of which boost infection-fighting cells.

Super skin, hair and nails
Curry makes you beautiful! Curries contain lots of antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as turmeric and cinnamon which help improve the appearance of your skin. Fennel decreases redness and irritation and pepper increase circulation, which boosts the appearance of the skin. Throw away your expensive creams and eat another curry instead! The protein found in curcumin also helps improve your hair and nails.

Digestive delights
Curries are full of digestion-friendly ingredients, so if you think your body can’t handle a curry, think again. Anise, allspice, cardamom and black pepper all aid the digestion. Curry can even help ease stomach aches and relieve hemorrhoids. We better start calling it Doctor Dahnsak
Black pepper is also a wonderful way to break down fat cells, so curry can be part of your dieting regime after all!

Ginger has natural aphrodisiac properties

Ginger has natural aphrodisiac properties (image via)

Sexy curry
Many of the ingredients in curry have natural aphrodisiac properties, so if you really want to add some spice to the evening, choose a cardamom and ginger packed dish and enjoy your dessert!

Which curry do you usually go for? We’d love to hear your tips for choosing a healthier curry option.

We also love to hear your restaurant recommendations, so tell us your favourite curry house, just in case they’re not already on our site!

** Remember though, everything in moderation. Be sure to maintain a balanced diet :)

Posted on: September 19, 2013 | by: Caroline

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  • Caro

    Good, I’ll be ordering a veggie Jalfrezi tonight then!

  • David Sumner

    If Ginger has natural aphrodisiac qualities, could you imagine the mayhem if you gave Ginger to an actual Ginger person? Terrifying.

  • Pravin Udho

    Watched a Programme yesterday show on DSTV BBC Channel in South Africa where the two Pioneers of HungryHouse had to present their business case to 6 business people. Hungryhouse entrepreneurs had to convince the business people to make. 100 000 pound investment, they were nervous but got it approved, enjoyed the program. hope the business is booming, will be in Manchester in December, look forward to ordering online then. Thx Pravin Udho South Africa

  • hungryhouse_Blog

    Hi Pravin, thanks for your comment. We hope you enjoyed the show and that you have a great meal when you visit Manchester. Be sure to let us know what you eat :)

  • hungryhouse_Blog

    A solid choice :) Enjoy!

  • Molly Quinn

    A vegetable jalfrezi is always my top choice! Panas Gurkha also have a delicious choice of curries to offer, whenever one is in South East London, make sure you get yourself a curry from there!

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