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Heat is a necessary part of food. Could you imagine a curry without a kick? What would nachos be like without jalapenos?

According to science eating hot chilli peppers as it allows us to court danger without the risk. Yet this doesn’t explain why some people do chili eating contests or down bottles of Tobasco.

This list is for those that enjoy the high end of heat. These dishes are eye watering and downright dangerous. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher before tucking in!

Mount Vesuvius Pizza

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Essex Pizza Delivery in Essex (well, Chelmsford to be precise!) are coming in with a killer pizza – The Mount Vesuvius. It’s a fiery combination of spicy pepperoni, spicy beef, chilli and jalapenos, not for the faint hearted!

Just like Vesuvius this pizza will blow your top off with the sheer heat! Side effects may not be as severe as Pompeii but a soothing liquid on hand is advised!

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Phall Curry

Known as the hottest curry in the world, chefs wear masks while preparing this powerful dish, prepared with eight chillies. You can find this dish over at the famous Bermondsey Tandoori (if you dare!)

It has brought diners vomiting and crying, some have even said to hallucinate! One British themed restaurant in Manhattan made a phall so hot that one ingredient used was the Bhut Naga Jolokia chilli. Sometimes referred to the notorious ghost pepper, topping a dangerous 1 million plus on the Scoville chart, also a core ingredient in tear gas!

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Tortilla chips with Calexico salsa dip

Mexican cuisine is known to be bursting with flavours and heat, stemming from their wide range of home-grown chillies, essential to delicious Burritos, Tacos or Tortas!

From the infamous jalapeno (coming in at 10,000 Scoville Units) to the scorching habaneros (a whopping 350,000 Scoville units), the heat is what gives Mexican cuisine such a rich flavour and strong kick.

Order from Mexican Fresh in Wimbledon to try it for yourself!

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Ketam Chilli Pedas (large crab stew)

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Head over to Kampung Boyz in Barnet for this authentic dish, along with other traditional Malay delicacies!

Ketam is an island in Malaysian, famous for its fresh seafood. Ketam means crab in Malay, a delicacy of the region.

Pedas is a hot stew, full of fresh vegetables and spices made with coconut milk, onion and garlic. It gets it fiery flavour from red chillis and tangy tomato sauce – definitely one to try if you haven’t already!

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Thai Tom Yum Seafood Soup


Yanwoo in Portsmouth are serving up this world famous soup, which has a bold combination of sour and spicy. It’s garnished with fresh herbs for an aromatic experience alongside the heat.

Often served with prawns and other seafood such as squid for an authentic Thai umami taste, the heat comes courtesy of the Thai Bird’s Eye Chilli.

Warning – This dish has been known to completely numb the lips for up to an hour!

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Posted on: September 29, 2016 | by: James

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