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The hungryhouse guide to: Beer and Takeaway

As much as we love food here at hungryhouse, we’re also massive beer aficionados. So we thought it was high-time that we investigate the most succulent beers that will bring out the best in your takeaway.

We turned to beer blogger and vegetarian foodie Graham Drummond of for some words of wisdom on which beers are ideal for your takeaway.


Beer & Pizza go together like beans on toast or Oreos & ice-cream, but if you’re about to watch the game with a hot, crispy Italian Margherita pizza, or a Western-style BBQ meat-feast, then don’t wash it down with some cheap lager from the supermarket! You need a truly delicious Pilsner to go along with your pizza, and for this job you need the Atlas Latitude Pilsner from the Orkney Brewery

Graham’s view: This zesty pilsner is 3.9% and is golden and light-bodied, packing a slightly sweet and nutty flavour with a mildly bitter aftertaste. Very refreshing and drinkable, this will contrast nicely with salty dough, a thick tomato base and creamy, melting cheese.




King of the British takeaway, the popularity of Indian cuisine means that whether you’re in the mood for an aromatic King Prawn Balti, or you fancy a spicy vegetarian Rogan Josh, you’ll be able to find delicious Indian cooking right across the country in minutes. But what beer do you need to take the edge of those spices? Not surprisingly, Indian Pale Ales are the beer of choice for Indian food lovers and the Punk IPA by Brewdog is the perfect tipple.

Graham’s view: A nice match for food with bold flavours, the intense hoppy bite of Punk IPA will be right at home with a hot paneer balti. The contrast of the rich Indian cheese, spices and the dry bitterness of the beer works nicely together and, due to a decent 5.6% ABV, Punk will intensify the heat from the curry too. Bonus!

Available: Easy, in your local supermarket!

Indian Food and Beer


Famous for its diverse array of aromas and flavours, Chinese food is characterised by different regions such as in Canton where seafood and deep-frying techniques are popular, or in the Szechuan region where deep aromas and colours, coupled with extra-strong spices dominate. So picking one beer that matches these diverse regional cuisines can be a challenge, but that’s where a dark-lager like the Erdinger Dunkel fits the bill.

Graham’s view: Erdinger Dunkel is a lovely dark wheat beer that pours a nice brown colour, has a lively carbonation and balances a very mildly bitter malt flavour with sweet notes of banana and caramel. This slightly bittersweet taste can lend itself well to certain thick and sticky Chinese sauces or spring rolls.

Available: In most reputable supermarkets.

Chinese New Year Dumplings


For those of us who need to watch our waistlines when ordering takeaway, Sushi offers up a perfect mix of healthy goodness and delicate, exotic flavour that’ll satisfy both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. But unless you like to douse your rolls in Wasabi, those mild flavours are in danger of being overpowered by most beers, so that’s why you should match your next Sushi platter with some prime quality wheat beer, such as the Pyramid Hefeweizen from the states.

Graham’s view: An American take on a Bavarian classic, this is a crisp and refreshing unfiltered wheat ale with a very clean aftertaste. Sushi can have quite a delicate taste and Pyramid Hefeweizen won’t dominate those light Japanese flavours. It comes in at 5.2%, which is surprising as it tastes like a nimble, low ABV beer.




Got some friends coming round and want to go for something that is filling and spicy? Mexican food is the answer my friend. For example, a cheese and bell pepper Quesadilla with plenty of Guacamole is guaranteed to satisfy those hunger pains. But don’t be a fool and match it with some cheap Corona, if you’re looking for something special to help you wash down those Tacos then treat yourself to a Grozet from Williams Bros.

Graham’s view: Tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas sit really nicely with Grozet, a Scottish gooseberry beer by Williams Bros. The beer is fizzy and light with a nice white head and a slightly tart twang at the end. Although it’s made with gooseberries, the finish is citrus-like and contrasts beautifully with tortilla chips and sour cream.



Has this got your taste buds going crazy yet? If you’re a fan of a good tipple and exotic food then let us know in the comments below which beers you think make your takeaway rock!


by David Sumner

Posted on: May 29, 2013 | by: Tony

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