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‘Who would be your three ideal dinner guests?’

So the question that never gets old – ‘Who would be your ideal dinner party guests?’. You must have been asked it at least once in your life and although during your teens your answers would most likely have been Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain and Will Smith, your tastes might have changed slightly since then (or not). I must admit, it’s hard to pick just three and as I was writing this article, I was asked myself who my dream dinner guests would be. After many changes, it’s going to have to be:

Matt Lucas: Brownie points if he comes dressed as one of his Little Britain personas.
John Cleese: Need I say more? Plus I’m going through one of my Fawlty Towers phases where I have to watch the whole series again. Monty Python will no doubt follow.
Matt Groening: Creator of The Simpsons! Can you imagine if this guy hadn’t come up with the idea of our favourite yellow family? I am partial to them as you probably guessed from my earlier Simpsons post.
I guess it’s safe to say I like comedians!

Anyway we decided to reach out to the community and ask some lovely food bloggers who their three ideal dinner guests would be and which signature dish they would prepare for the lucky three.

Vegetable pakoras


is from the West Midlands and is the creator of We Don’t Eat Anything With A Face. Her blog is jam-packed with animal-friendly, budget recipes. Lisa chose three fellow vegetarians as they’d all appreciate her delicious Indian meal consisting of vegetable pakoras as the starter, mushroom biryani, tarka dhal and paneer jalfrezi for the main.
Morrissey: His wit, sarcasm and musical genius makes him a hero of Lisa’s. She also hopes that if were to become bored during the evening then he could sing a little number.
John Bishop: Also chosen for humour reasons (she believes him and Morrissey would get on well).
Jasmine Harman: The presenter of A Place in the Sun would be Lisa’s final choice so they could talk about holidays, travel and being vegetarian mums.

17 Mandalay Meat and Round Rice Noodles (Mandalay Meeshay)

Mandalay Meat and Round Rice Noodles (Mandalay Meeshay)


is a self-confessed Japanophile, loves pork and is the writer of Meemalee, a blog dedicated to Burma and Burmese food. She would wow them with flavoursome Mandalay Meeshay noodles (a dish from Burma containing thick rice noodles doused in a sweet, sour, spicy, savoury and salty mix and topped with pickles and pork). If you’d like a go at this recipe for yourself it features in her book, Noodle!
So who gets to sample this delight?
Mike Patton: the impressive American singer-songwriter is lead singer of alternative metal band, Faith No More, and is a true Renaissance man.
Hayao Miazaki (+translator): He’s the ‘Walt Disney of Japan, but better’ according to MiMi and has created so many legendary works such as My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away (hailed as one of the greatest animated films of all time).
Peter Capaldi: MiMi’s had a crush on the Doctor since she was 14 – enough said!

Beef bourguignon

Yuuuuum beef bourguignon! (via)


from All That I’m Eating blogs about her culinary adventures, revealing cheap recipes, many of which include foraged ingredients, getting you that little bit closer to nature and appreciating where food comes from.
In order to stop her guests’ stomachs rumbling, she would whip up beef bourguignon with dauphinoise potatoes so she can leave the meal ‘to its own devices’ while she spends more time mingling with her guests, who include:
Dame Judi Dench: Caroline would love to hear the stories of this legendary actress and as she made her professional debut in 1957 it’s safe to say there’ll be a few stories to tell.
Her Great-Grandfather: She was too young to remember him and so would like to spend some time getting to know him.
Miranda Hart: Caroline would invite the comedian to ‘get the giggles going’ – no doubt she’d have everyone in stitches within minutes of arriving.

Hokkien Mee soups

Hokkien Mee: ‘I’m ready for my close up!’ (via)


is the creator of Bangers & Mash and believes her dinner guests would appreciate a delectable dish that speaks of her own cultural heritage. Therefore on the cards would be a Chinese Malaysian feast of Kian Chai Teng (soup made from Chinese salted vegetables, pork ribs and sour plums), Hainanese poached chicken and rice, Hokkien Mee (a spicy noodle soup with pork and shrimps), a Nonya chicken curry and Char Kway Teow (a Penang fried noodle dish). With a banquet like this laid on let’s hope the guests are hungry and those would be:
Johnny Depp: The chameleon film star is Vanesther’s favourite actor and has been for over 20 years since she developed a school-girl crush on him. She hopes he’d amuse everyone with his witty anecdotes and not get anything spilled on him from the star-struck Vanesther.
Jessie Leembruggen: Vanesther chose her grandmother as she never got to meet her, but after seeing glamorous old photos of her, hearing how she wrote for the Straits Times in Malaysia in the 1960s and how she spent time in India with Indira Ghandi, she knows she’ll have a lot of stories to tell.
Claudia Roden: The groundbreaking writer turned food writing into an art form in its own right. Her books contain the most incredible recipes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean and serve as an insight into the way of life and also as social and cultural histories. Vanesther dreams of becoming a food writer like Roden and sharing their food stories over dinner would be perfect experience for her.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, who would be your three ideal dinner guests and which mouth-watering meal would you impress them with?

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Posted on: February 18, 2014 | by: Rachel

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  • James Fawlton

    Nice post. Kudos for Mike Patton!

    I guess if I had a choice my three would be Charles Bukowski, Marilyn Manson and Jim Carrey! I can’t really cook, so maybe ordering at Hungryhouse would be an option.

  • hungryhouse_Blog

    Charles Bukowski would certainly be amazing! The night would certainly take an interesting turn I’d imagine, haha!

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