The delivery driver: to tip or not to tip?

As many of you might know we decided to thank loyal delivery drivers around the country by launching our inaugural Delivery Hero Day in which we asked you to vote for your favourite driver. Some lucky readers even had the chance to participate against the five chosen ones in a go-kart race, with Kader Cam from Café Pizzeria in Essex coming up trumps! But there are other ways in which you can show some love for your local delivery driver….

One way to show appreciation to delivery drivers is to give them a tip after they’ve delivered your mouth-watering feast. At hungryhouse we decided to conduct a survey on the ever-debatable topic of tipping as we thought it would be interesting to find out what the general consensus amongst our customers is; how many of you tip, the amount you give and the reasons for doing so.
Out of the 2,942 participants, only 24% admitted to always tipping, 38% said ‘sometimes’ and the same percentage confessed to not tipping. When asked how much money tippers parted with, the results were interesting. 10% of the total bill is seen as standard in the UK, but 46% of people give less than that. A measly 3% of very generous customers gave over 15% of the total order value (or maybe the enticing smell of their Chinese takeaway order and the thought of devouring it made these customers extra charitable?).

It seems that our reasons for tipping vary, but a whopping 55% of you are most likely to tip when the driver has arrived quickly with the much-needed grub and if you know someone who suffers from the dreaded hanger you’ll know how important it is to feed them as quickly as possible! A good 35% of you believe snow warrants a tip (could go towards some extra thick socks for the drivers). Other tipping reasons include ‘it’s raining’, ‘it’s after 10pm’ and ‘it’s a Sunday’. It’s a shame ‘there’s a drawing on the box’ wasn’t a reason – I know it would be one of mine!

68% of us tip to show appreciation for a good service and if you’ve watched the videos of the five ‘Delivery Hero Day’ driver finalists you might have noticed how hard these guys work, battling the elements, navigating busy streets and making sure your pepperoni pizza, lamb vindaloo, cheese burger and chips or sweet and sour pork arrives piping-hot and ready to wow your taste buds.

Takeaway pizza in box

Tip him quickly so you can wolf down this beauty!

Let’s have a look into a few reasons for why we should and shouldn’t tip

FOR tipping

  • Most people tip at restaurants so why wouldn’t you tip a delivery driver? After all he’s bringing you your delicious meal just like a waiter would.
  • If delivery drivers continue to get tips, they’ll keep offering great service and will strive to bring you your meal as quickly and gently as possible (no-one wants a pizza smeared on the roof of the pizza box).
  • If the driver has battled rain/hail/snow/any type of precipitation to get to you, he deserves a bit of a treat, don’t you think? Especially if he made the journey on his wobbly Vespa.
  • Think of how much time and effort delivery saves you. It’s a luxury that means you don’t have to shower, get dressed and then drive to the takeaway to collect the food yourself. Being able to stay snuggled up in your onesie is worth a bob or two, isn’t it?

AGAINST tipping

  • Delivery drivers get paid to do their job so why should they be paid extra? You wouldn’t tip an office worker or nurse, would you?
  • The driver is just one part of the chain and it’s unlikely the tip gets shared so the chef that lovingly prepared the food for you might not see a penny of this gratuity.
  • If everybody tipped then drivers may not feel the need to provide exceptional service as they’ve become so used to always getting tips. Tipping isn’t ‘rewarding great service’ if everyone tips regardless.
  • A smile costs nothing and so if your driver greets you with a grunt or makes you walk out onto the street to meet him it doesn’t exactly make you want to part with your cash.

Whether you agree with tipping or not, you have to admit that these guys make your life a lot easier. A few clicks of the mouse and your chicken madras accompanied by a garlic naan will be with you before you know it. Delivery drivers are sometimes overlooked and unappreciated so that’s why we came up with the idea of Delivery Hero Day to show our support for the drivers that go out of their way (literally!) to give us exceptional service!

What are your views on tipping delivery drivers? Why/why don’t you agree?

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