Top Pizza Takeaways in London

Whilst some cuisines come in and out of fashion, the ever-popular pizza remains a timeless takeaway classic. Whether you’re in need of a lazy dinner, to feed a party or simply help nurse a hangover, then there’s always a pizza for every occasion. It was Clerkenwell in Islington that was once known as London’s ‘Little Italy’ due to its large Italian population but these days excellent high-quality Italian food can be found in every corner of the capital. Here’s a few of London’s tastiest takeaway pizza joints.

The Top Pizza Takeaways in London


Azma Pizza and Grill

Azma Pizza and Grill sure likes to spice up its food! Their hot pizzas include Indian special pizza, heatwave pizza and chicken barbecue pizza and that’s only naming a few. Don’t fret though; there are lots of tasty pizzas that are a little gentler on your palate such as the Azma vegetable garden pizza and pepperoni feast pizza. The pizzas go down particularly well with customers although Azma also offers other luscious fast food choices such as kebabs, burgers and chicken. Make the most of the meal deals and save a few pennies while you’re at it!
168 West Hendon Broadway, West Hendon London NW9 7AA

Square Pizza

When it comes to unique and original pizza toppings, Square Pizza on Harrow Road is your new favourite place for experimental pizza. We’re talking pizza with meatballs and jalapeño peppers, or a Bombay style pizza with tandoori chicken and fresh chilli, or even a Potato Delight pizza with roasted potatoes, bbq sauce and red onion. Bet you’ve never had a pizza with three different types of succulent chicken, aka the Cheeky Chicken pizza.
494 Harrow Road, Queens Park London W9 3QA

US Pizza

If you’re looking for friendly service, on time delivery and a spectacular range of tasty pizzas, you’re like most of us. And you will quickly discover that US Pizza in Ealing is a one-of-a-kind pizzeria that keeps its customers satisfied week after week. Start with the American hot stuff pizza with jalapeños, green peppers and pepperoni and you’ll never turn back.
184 South Ealing Road, Ealing London W5 4RJ

The Top Pizza Takeaways in North London

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Papa Del’s

Papa Del’s on Belsize Road is known around the capital for its amazing pizzas, along with their exceptional pesto pasta, halloumi wrap and chicken. Yes that’s right, they stake their reputation on having the most tender and delicious chicken in town, sprinkling it over their Texas bbq pizza and spicy chicken pizza and tossing it into pastas and salads. And if you want to put the chicken to the ultimate test, order a whole grilled chicken, marinated in lemon garlic and herb marinade and served with four different homemade dips.
66 Belsize Lane, Belsize Park London NW3 5BJ


Lambeth’s Perpericon has made the grade for their more unusual take on pizza toppings. There’s the enticing caramelised pear and Gorgonzola pizza, Peking duck pizza and green and red grapes pizza to name just a few. Of course there’s also more traditional pizzas such as the margarita and Hawaiian for those who like to stick to the classics.
16 Greyhound Lane, Lambeth, London SW16 5SD

The Top Pizza Takeaways in London Tomato Sauce


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