The Top Takeaways in West London

The West of London is packed with fantastic takeaways serving up an exciting mix of dishes from all corners of the globe, along with our humble British classics. But navigating your way through the jungle of takeaways can be difficult. So to help you on your way we’ve assembled a run-down of some of the West’s Top Takeaways, chosen for their professional service, quick delivery times, excellent reviews and popularity with customers.

The Cedar

The Cedar on Fernhead Road has been named the #1 Top Takeaway in the UK and serves as a perfect example of the fantastic diversity in West London’s takeaways, with their Lebaneses inspired menu promising to both challenge and excite even the most seasoned of takeaway connoisseurs. It’s time to try the best takeaway in all the UK!
65 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale London W9 3EY

US Pizza

So a lot of pizzerias will claim to serve up slices of pizza heaven, but US Pizza go just that little bit further to satisfy the needs of West London’s local pizza addicts with their extensive range of meals deals and collection-only offers. If you’re not sure where to start then take a hint from our customers, who have a love for their the tandoori chicken pizza in which the golden base is layered in cheese, onions, jalapenós, mushrooms and tender tandoori chicken strips. Hungry yet?
184 South Ealing Road, Ealing London W5 4RJ

Top Asian Takeaways in West London Tandoori

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Serving up only the finest, tastiest and most authentic Japanese dishes in the area, Koi on Palace Gate have deservedly forged a reputation for themselves as the home of the best Japanese takeaway in West London. Let the team from the Koi show you that there’s more to Japanese cooking than simply sushi. From vegetable tempura to steamed Chilean sea bass to spicy yaki udon, it’s time to discover something new.
1E Palace Gate, Kensington London W8 5LS

Superb Pizza

Our customers can’t get enough of the pizzas from Superb Pizza on Broadway due to the amazing variety of pizzas on offer. If you can handle the heat, we’d recommend the inferno pizza which combines mixed peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms and luscious toppings of gorgonzola cheese. Loyal customers love to gorge out on their pizza deals, but with a 20% discount on all orders over £30 only a madman could resist ordering a pizza feast.
6 Broadway, Hanwell London W7 3SS

West London

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We’ve all been there, we’ve all suffered the late-night pangs of hunger after a night out on the town that can only be cured by the juiciest, meatiest schawarma you can lay your hands on. Well fret no more my friend, as the Karaam promise to hit that schawarma sweet spot every time you order. Fans of the Karaam just keep coming back for their juicy and flavorful schawarmas, which ooze with spicy sauces, fresh salad, and cuts of tender chicken or if you can’t help yourself, freshly fried halloumi pieces.
71 New Broadway, Ealing London W5 5AL

As you can see West London has some fantastic takeaways, but which top takeaways are near you?

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