Top Takeaways in Manchester

Music, football, Coronation Street and to add to that list: kick-ass takeaway. Manchester’s range of fantastic top-quality takeaways can hold their own against anything that London or Birmingham has to offer, with hungry Mancunians coming back again and again to a whole host of delicious haunts.

In short, Manchester’s top takeaways are serving up some of the most mouthwatering dishes you’ve ever tasted, sourced from both exotic cuisines and homegrown classics.


Considering the strong competition on offer, becoming one of Manchester’s favourite ‘top takeaways’ is no mean feat. But trust us, the Bollywood takeaway restaurant are worthy winners, with their excellent service, legions of loyal fans and outstanding reviews. The best thing about the Bollywood is how they cook up all of your favourite curries, along with everything from pizzas to kebabs, and burgers, so you’ll never run out of dishes to try.
59 Market Street, Droylsden Manchester M43 6DQ

Koh l Noor

If these guys had a motto (yes mottos are still cool people!) then we’d put our money on it being “Koh I Noor: The Masters of Curry”. But don’t just take our word for it, Mancunians have gone tonto for their incredible range of curries, which have masterfully combined every kind of spice and aroma under the sun. If you can’t handle too much spice, then we’d recommend their Biryani range, particularly their special mixed biryani which mixes beautifully marinated mince meat with green peppers, onion boiled egg (trust us) and dashings of basmati rice.
594 Bolton Road, Swinton Manchester M27 4ET

Manchester Top Takeaways Curries


Alif Grill

These guys are so good that they’re featuring in our top takeaways countdown for Manchester for the second year running, and it’s easy to see why. Alif Grill are renowned in Manchester for making some of the tastiest Turkish and Lebanese food in the city, which is reflected in their impressive menu offering up fresh halloumi salads, chicken shish wraps, and more grilled meats than you could shake a kebab skewer at. As they themselves claim ‘there’s nowhere in Manchester that does lamb chops like us’, so the lamb chops might be a good place to start for first-timers to the Alif Grill!
103-105 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8PY


Samuel’s in Salemoor Village are about as far as you could get from the old adage of the ‘greasy takeaway’, as they’ve been awarded the Masterchef Platinum Award in the past, so you can be sure that their food is of the highest quality. Specialising in both Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine, all of their dishes are cooked to authentical traditional recipes, with only the finest ingredients making their way onto your plate.
164 Northenden Road, Salemoor village, Sale M33 3HE

Manchester Top Takeaways Curry


Royal Balti

Loved by curry-nuts across the city, the Royal Balti has become one of Manchester’s best loved Indian takeaways on hungryhouse due to a delicious mix of authentic regional Indian dishes and fast delivery times.

But considering how Manchester is awash in top-quality curry houses and kebab takeaways, if your customers are so happy with your food that they say your takeaway cooks up and delivers some of the best curries and kebabs in the city then you’ve got to be doing something right!
114 Sale Road, Northern Moor Manchester M23 0BX

These aren’t the only Top Takeaways in Manchester either! To find the entire range of quality takeaways near you, including the best cheesy pizza delivery services and the best spicy Indian restaurants, pop in your postcode and browse the Top Takeaways delivering to your area.

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