Unveiling the New and Improved hungryhouse!

Today we’re excited to reveal the big changes that have been taking place at hungryhouse! We can now happily unveil the platform overhaul along with our brand new logo, slogan and site design – all of which is part of our major rebrand, the first since we launched back in 2006.

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when it comes to our refreshed look will be the new logo along with our slogan “Your hunger. Our mission”. The eye-catching logo is a shooting star in the signature hungryhouse red. We chose this to reflect our renewed focus on ease and performance because the most important thing for us is that you, our customers, continue to have easy access to great food, hot and on time! Moreover, stars are a significant symbol to hungryhouse as they represent both your favourite restaurants and restaurant ratings on the platform.

It’s not just the hungryhouse look that’s changed though. We’ve also improved our online and app platforms so our customers and restaurant partners will benefit from improved technology and user experience

In January of this year, hungryhouse became part of the Delivery Hero Group family. Delivery Hero is the largest food ordering network in the world with over 50,000 partner restaurants worldwide. Our rebrand is part of Delivery Hero’s plan to achieve global alignment between all of its brands.

hungryhouse’s CMO Graeme Horne has said: “Since partnering with Delivery Hero, we have benefitted hugely from the ability to invest and grow. Thousands of new restaurants have been listed, and we’ve introduced new technology to make the connection to restaurants quicker and more reliable. This rebrand is the first glimpse of a polished new marketing strategy for hungryhouse, and we’re excited to refocus the business around the promise: “Your hunger. Our mission”.

Your opinion means the world to us and we’d love to know your thoughts on these changes! Why not have a look around the site and tell us what you think on Facebook – you could win a £25 voucher or Samsung smartphone for your troubles!

Posted on: December 16, 2013 | by: hungryhouse

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  • Eleanor

    Rebranding is good! I like change.

  • FriskyMoose

    The new Logo does not appeal to me at all nor does it reflect anything food related. the Old logo was just right. This looks like a lone star shipping company.

  • Hussein

    I agree with the previous 2 comments – the old logo was much better.

  • Bev Burrows

    Oh dear. Sorry, but I don’t like the new logo. The plate and forks logo is totally relevant to the service you provide whereas the new logo isn’t – at all! I do think there can be times that a re-vamp of a company logo can be good, but to me those times are when there is a new management team or when a company has HAD to overhaul or re-invent itself because of previous poor performance. I’m very much an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” girl, and a lover of familiarity. The new look isn’t for me… Sorry :(

  • Tony

    New logo is horrid. It has nothing to do with a food delivery service and I think it’s a mistake to change from the old logo.

  • Hungry Fan

    New logo means nothing at all. I have no issue with rebranding, the rest of the makeover is ace. But the shooting star has zee relevance. Meh.

  • Dave

    Has this logo upgrade also come with an infrastructure upgrade so that we can actually place an order on Friday nights? Last time I tried to use HungryHouse I struggled against massive delays and web latency.

  • Jub

    I very much like the design refresh. It feels much more “homely” and warm! I’m not entirely decided on the logo yet–on one hand, I can see the ‘fast, quality food’ in it, on the other it looks a bit like a football site.

    Overall though it’s a huge improvement, and whatever one might think of the logo, it’s so much better than the old one! This one is at the very least modern and cute. :-)

  • Bernard

    I agree with most comments – I think that the old logo looked much better and was much more relevant to the service provided; having said that, I welcome any technology improving changes

  • Gerry

    Functionality changes good, but the logo looks like an add for a planetarium . It’s like a go faster stripe on a mini – pointless

  • Genuine Question:

    What’s with the strange h (the first one)? Does it have part of its limb missing because someone was so hungry that they ate it? Or because the ‘comet’ would fit in it? What does it represent? This is a serious question – I’m very interested in branding and figure that you must have used a good agency.

  • B

    I think the new logo/brand treatment is a massive improvement

  • nnnn

    The new logo is terrible. The slogon is amateurish marketing. Your hunger: Our mission. It’s doing exactly what a marketing tag line is supposed to be doing, it just sounds terrible.
    I’m glad you have figured out that your website was extremely difficult to use and it was easier just to call direct

  • hungryhouse

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    As you now know, we’ve been working very hard on the new-look site and logo that we revealed this week. After many years of the old ‘fork and plate’ image – which we loved very dearly – we have worked closely with a fantastic branding agency to create this heroic new shooting star logo.

    A couple of you are asking what the red shooting star means. hungryhouse is all about giving you access to your favourite food, hot and on time. We think nothing says ‘speedy’ like a shooting star and we know how hot those things are! You’ll also notice a lot of stars all over our site – we recognise a star is a sign of quality and hungryhouse aims to give you a quality experience every time.

    And our new tag line? We also know you come to us with a problem – you’re hungry. So the new slogan is promising we’ll do everything we can to fix that problem… Your hunger. Our mission.

  • Tiger

    I Don’t like the new logo, everything else looks slick…

  • sykhairi

    I really really really like this new improvement although the logo indeed did not reflect any food related. The clean & flat design with user friendly navigation and interface just made me fall in love even more. It just look flawless to me. I just hope more restauranteurs would register their business here.

  • Angie vee

    The new logo is rubbish… Should of kept the original!!! Was your whole brand!

  • Mat

    I like the new look, it has more power ,some users might not going to fancy the huge change, I understand the new look is more rememberable and is more sharp , ok I know you might say the old design was brighter and more friendly buy the new look have its power, looks more utility and that means better business. Good Luck

  • Maxwell

    Nice ,loved it ,utility and memorable, it is definitely a stronger brand now – food was good too !

  • Ulrik

    Like the slogan, but not the logo. The site speed has greatly improved. Well done devs. :)

  • Nigel Feltham

    Does changing the logo have anything to do with the old one looking like the goatse man site that did the rounds on the web a few years ago?

  • dd


  • dd


  • Mark Boulton

    I’m not a fan of the new logo at all. The new site style screams “trying too hard” to me, whereas the previous design was clear, slick and had a quiet confidence about it. Now there seems to be the desparation that comes with one company being bought by another… which is the first conclusion I jumped to when I saw the new posters. It was clear to me what was driving the re-brand – and when the real reason is dressed up with several paragraphs trying to indoctrinate the message that the change is “all about you, the consumer”, it just sounds like something out of the “Merger & Acquisitions Digital Branding Goals Handbook 1997”. Sorry.

  • Mark Chambers

    Sat logos have been done to death. Also your red/white colour scheme before was hardly innovative.

  • hungryhouse_Blog

    Thanks for your feedback Mark, we’re always looking for ways to improve! We’ll certainly bear this in mind :)

  • AnthonyH29

    New logo resembles the nature of ‘fast food’ – look at it again and anybody can see that it’s a play on a plate (i.e. food) travelling at a very fast speed (go faster woosh) to your home, come on guys!

  • Warren Dance

    New logo is generic and boring. Completely wrong choice

  • Jay

    As a graphic designer, the new logo makes me cringe. Old one was much better.

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