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Veganism, so long the domain of hemp-clad hippies, has experienced something of an image-change in recent times with hipsters claiming vegan cupcakes as their own and celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Russell Brand and even Mike Tyson converting to the vegan life.  So why exactly do people come become vegans and, more to the point, how can you get hold of a vegan takeaway?!

First of all, let’s clarify what a vegan is exactly.  A vegan is someone who doesn’t eat anything that comes from animals.  So meat, dairy, eggs and honey are all off the agenda.  Vegans often also attempt to avoid wearing animal products such as leather, wool and silk.  Essentially a plant-based diet is the vegan way.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson cites health reasons for going vegan (via)

Converting to veganism can involve a drastic lifestyle change.  So what reasons do people have for going vegan?  Well, there’s a few.  But for many, it’s the healthy choice as a vegan diet means you naturally eat more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains whilst at the same time cutting down on cholesterol and saturated fat.  This can, in turn, decrease the chances of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Of course, ethical veganism, which stems from compassion for animals and the environment also plays a huge part in why many people are vegans and this often extends in to what materials people wear.

Vegan food is also a great option in the sweltering temperatures of late.  It’s lightness makes for the perfect summer meal and won’t leave you with that overheated heavy feeling that can be a result of consuming meat.

The good news is that for vegans and even for those who are considering a vegan dinner, a takeaway is not necessarily a no-go. There’s a growing number of restaurants who are catering for vegans and even some dishes that are naturally vegan-friendly.  So, if you’re after a vegan takeaway, here’s a few suggestions…

Vegan Italian Cuisine

Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza (via)

The main obstacle for any vegan who’s a fan of Italian cuisine is of course cheese with it being a staple of many an Italian dish.  Pesto is cheese-based so watch out for it in pasta dishes.  The good news is that vegan pizza options are becoming increasingly commonplace with many Italian restaurants and pizzerias adding vegan pizza options to their menus.

After a vegan pizza in South London?  Check out the range of vegan pizzas at Village Pizza in Elephant and Castle.  If you’re in Leeds, check the vegan pizza section of the menu at Grove Cafe.

Japanese Cuisine

image via

Vegan Japanese sushi (via)

Japanese cuisine, with its heavy dependence on rice and vegetables, can be pretty-vegan friendly.  However it’s a good idea to be wary of the use of dashi (fish flakes) in some dishes.  Also, beef and chicken stock is sometimes used in the making of soups.  Maki with vegetables is often a safe bet.

After sushi in Central London?  Check out the vegan maki set at Sushi So in Covent Garden.

Vegan Thai Cuisine

Vegan Thai Food

Vegan Thai Food (via)

Oyster sauce and fish sauce are commonly used in Thai cooking so it’s worth checking if they’re used in the preparation of your chosen dish.

After a Thai Takeaway in North-West London? Check out the Thai Monks Vegan Delight at The Banana Tree in Bayswater.

Vegan Indian Cuisine

Vegan Curry

Vegan curry (via)

The main issue with Indian food for vegans is Ghee which is derived from clarified butter and is often used in the making of curries.  Aside from this, Indian cuisine can be fairly vegan-friendly and many Indian restaurants do offer several vegan dishes.

After a vegan Indian takeaway in Manchester? check out the Tarka Daal, amongst other vegan dishes, at Kebabish Original in Cheetham Hill.

How to Find a Vegan Dish on hungryhouse…

After typing in your postcode, do a keyword search for ‘vegan’ in the box at the top to find your nearest vegan takeaway dish.

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  • melissa

    Fantastic – I will definitely be leveraging those recommendations!

  • Nick

    :-)! Great!

  • Ashley

    I will definitely be ordering some vegan takeaway asap! We are a vegan family and love how vegan food is becoming more and more widespread.

  • George Freeman

    i am a vegetarian and would like to make the next step…however i live a fast paced life…whereas vegetarianism is straight forward i would have to research veganism before making the plunge…

  • Peter

    Good stuff! Basilico pizza who gave many restaurants in London also do Vegan pizza

  • lams

    Trendy? Hippies?

    Do shut up, you patronising oafs.

  • FreudianLemur

    How can you miss out falafel?! Mmmm, falafel in a pitta bread with salad and houmous…

  • andrewhaynes

    The trouble with the five vegan pizzas at the Elephant & Castle takeaway you recommend is that they all contain “vegan style chicken”,”vegan style garlic sausage” or “vegan style pepperoni”. I do not eat meat, and I do not want to eat meat-free foods designed to taste like meat. In contrast, the Leeds takeaway offers 12 delicious looking vegetarian pizzas (half of them suitable for vegans) without using any meat-flavour ingredients. I think I’ll move to Leeds.

  • andrewhaynes

    “Trendy? Hippies?” . . . “patronising oafs”. There’s only one oaf in this correspondence, Mr Iams. Guess who?

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  • andrewhaynes

    OMG! I suppose that’s the sort of pathetic and predictable response I should have anticipated. (Note to self: Don’t in future bother to interact with anyone who is wretched enough to use the name of a pet food brand as an ID.)

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    It’s actually ‘Lams’ but with a lower case ‘L.’

    Also, yes. I concur. Don’t bother to interact with me. I’d prefer that.

  • Emushka


    you still need to tweak the search tool as well as labeling the vegan food options (a lot of stuff is actually “accidently” vegan), but I am ever so pleased that you finally recognise the vegan diet at all :D

    Me and my partner are vegan and have always managed to find something vegan on ANY menu, but for newcomers, it would be very helpful to be told which dishes are indeed vegan and which arent.

    THANKS x

  • Borderline Wire

    Village Pizza can do the vegetable pizzas, just with vegan cheese.

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