Venture into Veganism! Vegan Takeaway & Delivery Options

With over 10,000 takeaways on hungryhouse you can be sure that whatever your dietary requirements and tastes, you’ll be able to find that perfect takeaway for you.

But how easy is it to find vegan takeaway on hungryhouse? Well it would be a pretty short blog post wouldn’t it if it I told you it was really difficult! So you’ll be glad to know that finding vegan options on your local takeaway menu is actually ridiculously easy.

How Do I Find Vegan Food On hungryhouse?

You’re in luck! The quickest way for you to find some vegan food on hungryhouse is to pop in your postcode like normal, and when you see the list of restaurants in your area you then just search for ‘vegan’ within the search box at the top of the page. This will edit the results list to ensure that only restaurants with dishes labelled as ‘vegan’ will be displayed to you.

But there’s also a lot of takeaways on hungryhouse that serve up dishes that double as up both vegetarian AND vegan friendly at the same time, even if they’re labelled as being ‘vegetarian’ only. So with these tips in mind, you’ll be happy to hear that there plenty of delicious options out there for vegans, including vegan pizza, vegan curries, oh and even vegan burritos!

Enjoy Some Vegan Chinese Takeaway

From Sara Victoria (@saravictoria2) on

Opting for some Chinese is a safe bet if you’re after some tasty vegan food, as plenty a chow mein and stir fry will be bursting with oodles of fresh veg and tofu.

These guys serve up some of the best Chinese vegan takeaways in the UK:

China Boulevard
Unit 1, Dolphin House, Smugglers Way, Wandsworth London SW18 1DE

Top vegan nosh: ‘Vegans Nirvana’ (Stir fry with chives, beanshoots and vegetables) – £6.80

View menu

Oriental Treats
110 Rodway Road, Patchway Bristol BS34 5PG

Top vegan nosh: Tofu in Malaysian satay sauce – £4.60

View menu

Mas Chinese
1351 Ashton Old Road, Fairfield Manchester M11 1JT

Top vegan nosh: Deep-fried mushroom in hot garlic sauce – £3.70

View menu

44 Horseferry Road, Westminster London SW1P 2AF

Top vegan nosh: Thai vegetable green curry (Thai coconut curry with fried tofu, baby corn, mangetout, aubergine & bamboo shoots) – £6.30

View menu

Dragon Palace
400 Dewsbury Road, Beeston Leeds LS11 7JX

Top vegan nosh: Beancurd and green peppers in black bean sauce – £3.80

View menu

Ha Bhuna Matata – Gorgeous Vegan Indian Takeaway!

From Martin Villumsen (@rigeligtsmordk) on

For vegans, there are tons of ways for you to tickle your curry bone on hungryhouse. Trust me, all the onion bhajis in the world can be yours!

Banana Leaf
76b Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G3 8RE

Top vegan nosh: Sabzi biryani (vegetarian biryani) – £6

View menu

Shahi Tandoori
40-42 Beaconsfield Road, Brighton BN1 4QH

Top vegan nosh: Veggie dhansak – £7.05

View menu

Kebabish Original
170 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill Manchester M8 8LQ

Top vegan nosh: Tarka daal special (lentils sizzled with chopped garlic, cumin and red chilli) – £4.99

View menu

Spice Hut
1 Common Road, Low Moor Bradford BD12 0TN

Top vegan nosh: Mushroom rogan josh – £6.10

View menu

272 Baldwins Lane, Hall Green Birmingham B28 0XB

Top vegan nosh: Spicy mixed vegetable vindaloo – £4.95

View menu

Grab A Slice of Vegan Pizza Delivery!

From Meda Šerėnaitė (@vegan_sugar) on

Finding that perfect vegan pizza that ticks all the crunchy, crusty boxes is no mean feat. Luckily these guys have you covered:

16 restaurants across London

Top vegan nosh: 12″ vegan margherita (made with house special chunky tomato sauce, olive oil and mozzarella cheese) – £12.49

View menus

Grove Cafe
133-135 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LJ

Top vegan nosh: Large ammazoni pizza (bab-q base, meat-free chicken, wild rocket leaves, topped with vegan cheese) – £6.95

View menu

Pizza in a box
4 Village Mews, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 4RZ

Top vegan nosh: 12 inch vegan vegetarianna pizza (egan cheese, tomato sauce, roasted aubergine, roasted mushroom, roasted red onion, spinach, roasted courgettes, roasted sweet peppers) – £13.80

View menu

Village Pizza in Twickenham
49 London Road, Twickenham, London TW1 3SZ

Top vegan nosh: Regular Spaniard pizza (vegan style garlic sausage, black olives, fresh tomatoes and red onion) – £11.99

View menu

19 London Road, Sheffield S2 4LA

Top vegan nosh: 12 inch vegetarian pizza (without cheese) – £6.50

View menu

And The Best of the Rest: From Sushi to Mexican

From Terezie (@fruity_terezia) on

But that’s not all! Why not push the boat out with everything from vegan burritos to a whole vegan box set of sushi?

Cafe Conscious (kick-ass Caribbean)
182 Avon Vale Road, Bristol BS5 9SX

Top vegan nosh: Large tofu, callaloo and peppers (with rice and peas) – £7

View menu

La Casa Del Burrito (awesome Mexican)
173b Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BP

Top vegan nosh: Vegan burrito – £6

View menu

Hand made Sushi
339 Euston Road, Westminster London NW1 3AD

Top vegan nosh: Vegan sushi set (4 futomaki, tofu garnished with pickle plum, red pepper, avocado, iinari & shitake nigiri) – £6

View menu

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  • melissa

    Fantastic – I will definitely be leveraging those recommendations!

  • Nick

    :-)! Great!

  • Ashley

    I will definitely be ordering some vegan takeaway asap! We are a vegan family and love how vegan food is becoming more and more widespread.

  • George Freeman

    i am a vegetarian and would like to make the next step…however i live a fast paced life…whereas vegetarianism is straight forward i would have to research veganism before making the plunge…

  • Peter

    Good stuff! Basilico pizza who gave many restaurants in London also do Vegan pizza

  • lams

    Trendy? Hippies?

    Do shut up, you patronising oafs.

  • FreudianLemur

    How can you miss out falafel?! Mmmm, falafel in a pitta bread with salad and houmous…

  • andrewhaynes

    The trouble with the five vegan pizzas at the Elephant & Castle takeaway you recommend is that they all contain “vegan style chicken”,”vegan style garlic sausage” or “vegan style pepperoni”. I do not eat meat, and I do not want to eat meat-free foods designed to taste like meat. In contrast, the Leeds takeaway offers 12 delicious looking vegetarian pizzas (half of them suitable for vegans) without using any meat-flavour ingredients. I think I’ll move to Leeds.

  • andrewhaynes

    “Trendy? Hippies?” . . . “patronising oafs”. There’s only one oaf in this correspondence, Mr Iams. Guess who?

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    It’s actually ‘Lams’ but with a lower case ‘L.’

    Also, yes. I concur. Don’t bother to interact with me. I’d prefer that.

  • Emushka


    you still need to tweak the search tool as well as labeling the vegan food options (a lot of stuff is actually “accidently” vegan), but I am ever so pleased that you finally recognise the vegan diet at all :D

    Me and my partner are vegan and have always managed to find something vegan on ANY menu, but for newcomers, it would be very helpful to be told which dishes are indeed vegan and which arent.

    THANKS x

  • Borderline Wire

    Village Pizza can do the vegetable pizzas, just with vegan cheese.

  • Julia

    I can’t find a search bar to type in… It has a scroll list where you can choose cuisine and put vegetarian but not vegan

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