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What the stars are eating – Strictly Come Dancing

Once again the time has come  to don your sequined gown and prance around in front of the telly like the West End star you were born to be! That’s right, Strictly Come Dancing is waltzing back into our hearts this weekend! With celebrity contestants bringing the moves like Jagger (ha! Jagger jokes all season long) and athletes prolonging their London 2012 fame, this season is one to follow. So tuck in with your favourite takeaway and check out what the Strictly Come Dancing stars are eating.

Denise Van Outen: sushi and salad
Fad diets are ten to a penny, especially when you hop the pond and see the latest diet trending on Melrose street (think Shangri-La diet that involves eating extra virgin olive oil!). West End star Denise Van Outen says, “I’ve never been on a fad diet. In LA, I live on sushi or salad.” So if you like her dance moves, order sushi!

Victoria Pendleton: jacket potato allowed
She peddled her way into the spotlight winning a Gold medal at London 2012 Olympics. Go team GB! Whoot whoot! With a fit body and energy to boot we want to know what Victoria eats. According the Daily Star her food routine is:

DAILY calorie intake: 3,000
Breakfast: Two slices of bread with honey or a banana, cup of tea and an orange juice.
Lunch: Low-fat meal such as a jacket potato with cottage cheese.
Dinner: Chicken and couscous or rice.
Snacks: Protein shakes and energy drinks.

Johnny Ball: Heinz tomato soup with cheese

When it comes to cooking, Johnny Ball isn’t … erm … on the ball. According to Radio 2 DJ Zoe Ball, dad wasn’t always the best cook. “To this day he can barely boil an egg. Probably the only time he ever cooked was one day in 1976 when he burnt potato croquettes in fat and stank the kitchen out and I laughed hysterically. I think I ate things like Heinz tomato soup with cheese in. I drank a lot of evaporated milk out of cans.”

Fern Britton: classic meal makeovers
It’s hard to resist hearty British food, especially when your hubby is the chef for TV show ‘This Morning.’ Rather than going for a calorie loaded Sunday roast or shepard’s pie (yum … mashed potatoes) this dancer does a classic meal makeover. Check out this fish and chips makeover featured on

Fish and chips
Before: 1,075 cals
Make it healthier: Choose fish in breadcrumbs not batter and bake don’t fry it. Serve with low-fat oven chips instead of fried.
After: 545 cals

Nicky Byrne: Mummy’s cooking
With his boyband charm and rack of pearly whites, what’s not to love about Nicky Byrne? Well, we found one potential turn off for would-be-suitors: his diet. Word has it, that Nicky’s favourite cereal is Sugar Puffs, his favourite food is Mum’s cooking and he’s a McDonald’s man. We’re sure his mum serves up a fantastic Sunday roast, but not sure if we find this food repertoire attractive.

Jerry Hall: manic organic
At 56 years young Jerry has the moves (like Jagger) thanks to her home cooked organic diet and green thumb to boot! According to Jerry, it’s all that English rain that keeps her garden flourishing. She also attributes good health to her four chickens and water intake. Drink, drink, drink (water)!

Sid Own: the runaway chef
We’re pretty it was Sid Owen who told the Sunday Mirror, “I’m done with the UK and I hope that you will never see me on your TV screens again ­because I’m done and I’ve ­retired.” When was that again? Oh right, towards the end of July 2012. Well he’s back, and he’s been cooking up a storm. Sid was said to leave acting to run his restaurant business in France. We wonder how he feels about Britain’s most hated food – escargot.

Kimberley Walsh: the work dieter
No stranger to barely-there costumes and slinking around a stage, Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud might steal the show. So how did she get so damn thin? It’s something we like to call the ‘West End diet’, coined after hours of rehearsals and endless runs of shows. It’s kind of like when you go ill and lose weight, except the West End diet includes hours upon hours of tough training. It’s a bit of the accidental diet, but hey, she looks great.

Louis Smith: the regulator

With those broad shoulders and eye-popping moves on the mat, we’re thinking gymnast Louis Smith won’t have any troubling wowing us on Strictly Come Dancing. So what does he do to stay so damn fit? He spoke to Men’s Health about his diet, and here’s what we found out:

10.30am Breakfast: Three or four pieces of fruit: bananas, apples, oranges. Scrambled egg and toast if feeling particularly hungry.

3.30pm Lunch: Pasta mixed with ham, tomatoes and cucumber. And more bananas and apples. “I tend to prefer having my biggest meal at lunch, because when I’m finishing at night I don’t want to be having a hefty dinner. So I make sure I stock up on carbs for my second session of the day,” says Smith.

9pm Dinner: Something very simple and light, like chicken or fish with fresh vegetables or salad.

What will you tuck into while you watch Strictly Come Dancing?

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