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New Oriental City in Sale

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Customer reviews of New Oriental City

Customer reviews: 12345
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Response from restaurant: Dear Mike, Thank you for giving us a try the other day. Every place does indeed cook their food differently and to a particular taste and style in order to cater for a select group of customers. In our case, it has often been dishes including well balanced flavours and textures, but as you can appreciate the chef will never be able to cater to everyone's diverse palettes and preferences all the time when there are dozens of people to cater for each night, therefore we can only start off with a standard (like the one you tried) to each flavour and dish, until a client asks for something to be tweaked in a particular way. The Salt And Pepper Chips and Wings are our Number 1 top sellers for this year so far, without a doubt, although for those preferring a lighter flavoured dish we would definitely recommend another dish e.g. Black peppered sauces or the Green pepper and black bean sauce with a request for it to be mildly Spicy or even to ask for Salt n Pepper ribs to be extra mild on the ordering form for future reference. As for the Deep Fried Crispy Chilli chicken - yes although it's a crispy cornflour coating upon the outside, the inside is designed to be tender (and softer) than the external coating. Depending on how long you waited to have you food after it was delivered, as our style of chicken comes together with the sauce, it is only logical as you pointed out for it to be softer than for say another dish which comes separately from the sauce. We hope you find cuisines you do like from somewhere and it maybe worth your asking them make it extra mild for your palette as a starting reference point where and when you order, as most places will have standards of flavours established to suit the majority of their client base beforehand (which can either be; too salty, just right or even too mild for individuals). Kind Regards,New OC
Response from restaurant: Dear Andreas, We are sorry to hear of your disgruntled experience during your first visit with us on the Friday 28th February 14. We have looked through the Order bills from hungryhouse and found only one bill from the M33 region of your address, which seems to correspond with the type of food items you specified in your comments. As we could locate no other orders from the M33 region from the 28th Feb which even had the combination of: Duck, Cashew nuts and Chicken dishes. Do correct me if I\'m wrong but the order value was £17.40. 1)Your order comprised of from the hungryhouse Live Link ticketing machine: 1 x Roast Duck Udon noodles, cooked in a Pineapple and ginger sauce with the addition of Cashew nuts on top. This dish as specified on the website is thick, white coloured Wheat noodles. cooked in your selected Pineapple n Ginger sauce + an topping of Cashew nuts. The quantity of Roast duck you got for it wasn't fatty, as we gave you (the chef informs me) almost a whole 1/4 of a Chinese style duck breast worth of meat. 2) Your next item was a Chili Crispy Chicken This dish is designed and expected, popularly to be Sweet, slightly tangy and mildly Spicy with Sesame seeds sprinkled on top. 3) Cantonese Chicken Skewers (aka Chicken Skewers in an O.K/Cantonese Sauce) We're sorry you didn't enjoy your meal...but it's important you understand that Duck is very expensive meat and you were given no less a good quality of duck than any of our regulars who've indulged in our ranges of 1/4 or 1/2 aromatic duck dishes. We only sell meaty dishes which is why they command the prices that they do, unlike other venues which may offer you a cheaper/buffet style duck dish only for you to be getting a meatless/fat mainly product. We sold over ten 1/4 and Roast duck dishes that evening and have done so for consistently...without complaint. We also threw in one or two bags of Prawn Crackers on the house for you which we hoped you enjoyed too. If you believe that you ordered something else - then please inform hungryhouse as so far to date, we have never received an order in error from hungryhouse. We hope that you find a venue that you do like. Kind Regards New OC
Customer reviews: 12345
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