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Friday June 01, 2012 by hungryhouse
The Hungry Torch

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Friday June 01, 2012
Jubilee Jamboree!

It's nearly time for a weekend of bunting, baking and bank holidays which can only mean that some kind of royal celebration is in order. This weekend marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which celebrates her 60 years of reign and pretty excitingly entails a four day weekend for the whole of the UK.  There are celebrations galore occurring with thousands of street parties, open-air screenings and concerts taking place nationwide, not to mention one of the largest flotillas ever sailing up the Thames with over a thousand boats taking part.  Pretty impressive stuff.

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Thursday May 31, 2012
Barbeque Myths

Sausages at the ready - this week marks the 16th 'National BBQ Week' in the UK! Now at hungryhouse, we count any week that it doesn't rain as BBQ week (there are usually 2-3 of those a year), but we're always on board with chance to celebrate food. So, in honour of this most prestigious of weeks, we decided to debunk a few BBQ related myths. (Warning - some facts may not be 100% scientifically proven).

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Tuesday May 29, 2012

John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega, wasn't the only one to be surprised by the differences in McDonald's menus across the world. And believe us, the Royal with cheese is only the beginning! For such a big brand like McDonald's, one might assume their menus are the same the world over. You are wrong my friend.

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Friday May 25, 2012 by hungryhouse
National [insert food] Week

We got excited about National Doughnut Week (who wouldn’t be?), we are celebrating National Vegetarian Week (go veggies!), and we are prepping for Cesar Salad Day (really? Yeah, it’s a day). This whole National [insert food] week has us thinking – is it all just one big marketing ploy? Do all these foods really need their own week? We set out to investigate!

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Wednesday May 23, 2012 by hungryhouse
Venerable Vegetables!

This week is National Vegetarian Week in the UK, an annual awareness raising campaign run by the Vegetarian Society to promote the benefits of vegetarianism as well as highlighting various tasty veggie dishes. Events are running throughout the week all over the country in addition to online giveaways and featured recipes which this year are focusing on the vegetarian breakfast.

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Tuesday May 22, 2012 by hungryhouse
Guilty pleasures

With Eurovision time coming round once again, we got to talking in the office about our top TV guilty pleasures. Read on, but please, please don't judge.

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Friday May 18, 2012 by hungryhouse
The Best Brain Foods

For thousands of students nationwide, the dreaded exam season is looming which will mean hitting the books bigtime for the next few weeks. Whether you're doing some last-minute cramming for an exam, completing your coursework or finishing off that epic dissertation, one thing's for sure, a good diet can go a long way in helping you get the grades.

So-called brain foods have been proven to aid memory, improve concentration and increase energy levels. Particular winners are wholegrains foods, oily fish, leafy vegetables and fruits high in vitamins and antioxidants, such as blueberries.

This is all well and good but in the highly stressful time of exams when time is of the essence, it's often hard to find time to get to the supermarket let alone cook up a superfood feast. Well luckily this is where hungryhouse comes into play! Not just famed for the traditional takeaway fare of pizza and curry, there's also numerous healthy options available that'll help your overworked brain stay on track and maintain your high energy levels. Here's a few hungryhouse takeaway ideas that'll help you get the grades you want.

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Wednesday May 16, 2012 by hungryhouse
British National Sandwich Week

In 1762 when John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, fatefully asked for ‘some slices of meat between two pieces of bread’, he probably never imagined that he would be starting a culinary trend. I’m sure that someone uttered the fateful words; ‘it’ll never catch on’.

250 years later and the world of sandwiches is bigger and more diverse then ever, from the humble cheese and tomato, to the majestic BLT.

In homage to this king of stomach fillers we carried out our very own scientific study (i.e. a Facebook poll) to discover the nations favourite sandwiches, here’s what we learnt.

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Saturday May 12, 2012 by hungryhouse
National Doughnut Week

In case you’d somehow missed the big news, this week is national doughnut week! Yes, a whole week dedicated to this most mighty of snacks and all for a good cause too as the proceeds made from the sale of doughnuts at participating bakers across the UK will help to raise money for The Children’s Trust, a national charity which provides care, education and therapy for children with multiple disabilities and health needs.

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