With a diverse and varied populace, it’s no surprise that the nation’s capital is host to some of the greatest takeaways in the country. London is a takeaway lover’s paradise, and whether you’re looking for a spicy Balti or an authentic Italian pizza, you’ll never be disappointed with these London Top Takeaways.

Top Takeaways in London


Chinese 44 Horseferry Road, SW1P2AF

Top Choice for > Delicious dim sum

Top dish > Har kau dumplings

Dim sum is the perfect takeaway option for those times when you’re trying to order in a delicious takeaway feast for a big bunch of fussy-eating friends. With vegetarian-friendly dishes and luscious meat dumplings galore, the menu at Firecracker is sure to keep even the hungriest horde of flatmates satisfied.


Square Pizza

Pizza 494 Harrow Road, W93QA

Top Choice for > Irresistibly cheesy pizza for when only the cheesiest will do

Top dish > Crispy chicken popcorn

Whilst many of us like to treat ourselves to an exotic takeaway every now and then, sometimes only a fantastic feast of classic pizza can get the job done. Square Pizza is a London institution due to the huge amount of unique pizzas available on their menu, such as the tempting cheeky chicken pizza which is topped with succulent pieces of tandoori-style chicken, Chinese chicken and American chicken.


Pandan Leaf

Thai 66-68 Crouch End Hill, N88AG

Top Choice for > Exotic Thai food that hits the spot

Top dish > Chicken pad thai

Thai dishes are known for their exotic blend of aromatic spices, authentic flavours and hearty portions, but only the finest Top Takeaways can guarantee to serve up that extra succulent pad thai just the way you like it. Luckily for Thai food fans in London, the Pandan Leaf is can be counted amongst one of the best Thai restaurants in the country.


YouMe Sushi

Japanese, Sushi 156 Marylebone Road, NW15PN

Top Choice for > Traditional Japanese cuisine

Top dish > Chicken katsu curry with rice

YouMe Sushi have been chosen as one of London’s Top Takeaways by our customers due to their fantastic range of tasty sushi rolls, traditional Japanese dishes, quick delivery times and top-notch customer service. If you like your sushi to taste so good it could’ve come straight from a Tokyo kitchen then YouMe Sushi are the Top Takeaway for you.



Lebanese 4 Vere Street, W1G0DH

Top Choice for > Fresh Lebanese dishes straight from the orient

Top dish > Shawarma chicken sandwich

Maroush has made this year’s list of Top Takeaways as our customers have fallen head over heels for their succulent shawarma wraps, which are a tantalising mix of tasty cuts of lamb, crispy fresh salad, lovingly grilled halloumi cheese,all drizzled to perfection with a tangy garlic sauce. Simply put, Maroush is one of London’s best takeaways for authentic great-tasting Lebanese food.