There are times when only a pizza delivery will do. London is home to a huge range of some of the best pizza options in the country and can reliably offer up the best deals and tastes to everyone every time. Take a look at the carefully prepared list of some of the capital’s top pizza delivery options for an idea of exactly what’s on offer.

Top Pizza Delivery in London

Big Ben

Pizza 145-147 Lambeth Walk, SE116EE

Top Choice for > Watching your favourite show on netflix with a great pizza by your side

Top dish > Big Ben Super Special Pizza

Big Ben make our list of Top Takeaways as they serve up a prestigious selection of pizza and special deals designed to bring a bit of flavour to a cosy night-in. Alongside their great range of pizzas Big Ben also specialise in succulent chicken wings and mighty burgers. but if you're unsure of where to start then check out their range of meals deals which are designed with the budget-conscious foodie in mind.


Square Pizza

Pizza 494 Harrow Road, W93QA

Top Choice for > Keeping you and your mates happy

Top dish > Crispy curly fries (beside pizza!)

Square Pizza are loved by our customers for delivering all-American pizzas that are fresh, cheesy and cooked to perfection. Although if you're planning an entire pizza feast then Square Pizza have also got all of the side dishes covered, as they deliver succulent chicken wings and thick-cut potato wedges. Sounds like the perfect takeaway for watching the big game with!



Italian, Pizza 57 Regents Park Road, NW18XD

Top Choice for > Bona fide Italian takeaway connoisseurs

Top dish > Extremely cheesy Gorgonzola Pizza

There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza, and Pessantissimo are just the Italian food experts to show you what you've been missing. Our customers can't get enough of their traditional Italian dishes such as Pollo Pancetta which is an irresistible mix of fresh chicken breast served with smoked pancetta in cream of mushroom, drizzled in truffle oil. You don't get more Italian than that we reckon!



Italian 127a Lavender Hill, SW115QJ

Top Choice for > When only traditional Italian food will do

Top dish > The original Napoli Pizza

The authentic Italian flavours of Toscana are just one reason why our North London customers have chosen this as one of their favourite Italian takeaways in their area. All of their pizzas are baked using traditional wood burning brick ovens, which ensures that their takeaway pizzas are a true slice of the Mediterranean. It's no surprise therefore that our customers think their pizzas are some of the best they've ever had!



Italian 342 Edgware Road, W21EA

Top Choice for > Vegetarian and Gluten-free eater

Top dish > Spaghetti alla Carbonara

The Zonzo is one of the most popular pizzerias in all of North London because they've got a menu full of delicious meals that cater to meat-lovers, Vegetarians and even gluten-free takeaway fans, who can gorge themselves silly on an exciting range of delicious Gluten-free pizzas and pasta. For going this extra mile, its' no surprise that the Zonzo have made this year's list of top takeaways.