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Finding Balti takeaway on hungryhouse


Just because your Indian, Kashmiri, Pakistani or Bengali takeaway doesn't come in the famous steel wok, doesn't mean it's not balti! Sizzling off-the-bone seasoned meat, cooked to perfection and smothered in perfectly balanced savoury sauce – sign us up! Birmingham’s own speciality is now a UK-wide favourite, so don't hesitate to try out, say, a Goan balti chicken dish: chicken tikka with onions, tomatoes, ginger, chillies and coriander. Look for it on hungryhouse's Balti menu sections!

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The Best Balti

No need to go to Birmingham’s Balti Triangle to sample some of your favourite curries. The fresh herbs, chillies and spices added to flamin’, flavourful balti dishes can come right to your home. Balti is a cooking method that’s primed to excite your taste buds. Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Tayef Balti in Warrington and New Blaby Balti in Leicester shine, as do many of our Most Loved Takeaways of 2017!

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