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Finding Bangladeshi takeaway on hungryhouse

Bengali cuisine is so much more than fish, rice, and lentils (not that a Machher Jhol stew wouldn’t go down a treat right now…) Alongside all your Southeast Asian favourites, the food of Bangladesh and West Bengal state in India offers up unique delicious treats to order up on a chilly evening. Warm the bod and soothe your worries with a curry. Don’t forget a heaping pile of spicy achar!

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The Best Bengali

While fish is undoubtedly #1—keep an eye out for Iliish specialities on the menu—there’s loads of options for vegetarians as well. Dhokar dalna (lentil cakes), aloo posto (potato Bengali style), and sag (spinach) are some classics. For the meat-eaters out there, you can hardly go wrong with a Bengali biryani, stuffed chock-full of chicken and prawns, or a Bhuna Khichuri, a braised, spice-infused lunch-time favourite. Need more help? Try our Most Loved Takeaways of 2017!

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