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Come to our 12th birthday party…and STEAL THE BACON [*Competition*!]

So many things to celebrate!

We’ve got snow and sport on the eyes and on the brain 

Spring is practically in sight… 

And what’s more, hungryhouse has just marked our 12th birthday! 

Wowza — basically a teenager! (But without the spots, thankyouverymuch.) We can’t believe where the time has gone. Of course, though, our birthday isn’t really anything without YOU. Cheers for all the bants and bangers-n-mash shared along the way — we can’t wait to see what this 13th trip around the sun brings 

…we have a hunch it’ll include some BRILLIANT takeaway. (Just a guess.)


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Birthday Competition

We’re 12 years young! Time for celebration 🎉 We want to show you the birthday love  Tell us your personal BEST BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT DINNER and you could take home the Gold (or Silver, or Bronze). 

Steal our Bacon: Comment with the best birthday meal (before 6 PM Monday, Feb. 26) and if it makes our stomach growl, you’ll win some sweet sweet hungryhouse credit. Winners announced Tuesday, Feb. 27!

  • £30 for the GOLD 🥇
  • £20 for the SILVER 🥈
  • £10 for the BRONZE 🥉

(*Hint: you might get bonus points with the judges for including bacon).

Take your place on the podium! Show us your best moves…




UPDATE: Congratulations, Tanna Newble (GOLD 🥇), Kerry Woods (SILVER 🥈), and Jamie Coatman (BRONZE 🥉)!