5 Gorgeous dishes you’re about to fall for

They say that the internet has changed the way we think about the food we eat. In 2018, not only do our takeaway treats have to tantalise the tastebuds, but they also have to look tasty enough to make us snap a pic and bag some likes!

But we all know some freshly prepared sushi or smashed avocado on toast looks great on Instagram, right? There are plenty more irresistible dishes out there in takeaway land that look just as delicious as they taste. Here are five that you’ll definitely fall in love with!

An Egyptian street food staple

Mouthwatering koshary – or kushari – is, like Egyptian cuisine in general, booming in popularity in the UK. A perfect winter warmer, the 19th century dish is a combination of fried rice, macaroni and lentils, garnished with garlic vinegar, chickpeas and crispy onions, and topped with a fiery tomato sauce that you’ll be unable to resist.

Get it from: Koshary Kitchen, London