What YOU should eat for a Chinese Christmas

Ugh, what should I have for dinner tonight?” That age-old question that plagues us every night of the week. Well, at Christmas this problem doesn’t go away, because if anything the mountain of turkey sandwiches that your Gran is gonna force you to eat over the next few days is just gonna make your desire to find something else – nay ANYTHING else – to eat about 100 times worse.

Well for a lot of Americans (especially in New York) Christmas means only one thing = pigging out on a huge load of Chinese food. So taking a leaf from their book, I’m telling you to put down those chicken drumsticks and pick up your chopsticks instead! Because if you’re stuck on what to eat at all this Christmas then these fine Chinese dishes are guaranteed to hit the spot!

Remember: Here’s how you can find takeaways (Chinese or otherwise) open over Christmas!

A Chinese Christmas for one

EAT: A huge helping of duck!

What you’re having: Roast duck smothered in sticky plum sauce – a classic Chinese favourite that befits the festive period.

Why: Seeing as it’s Christmas you’ve got no excuse not to go at least a bit traditional when you’re ordering some Chinese, and nothing screams “amazing traditional Chinese flavours!” more than a juicy duck in plum sauce.

Where: The Golden Dragon Palace in Bournemouth do a mean roast duck in plum sauce.

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A treat for twosomes

EAT: Something beefy for him, something spicy for her

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What you’re having: He’s having a lovely beef in black bean sauce, and she’s having some spicy kung pao chicken.

Why: There’s nothing like escaping from the in-laws for one night over Christmas by spending a night-in in front of the sofa with your better half. But to make this Chinese night-in a little more special you need two sharply contrasting dishes that you can both get a kick out of sharing with each other (or not, if you’re feeling greedy!).

Where: The Oriental Express in Kensington serve up a mean Kung Po chicken that promises to light a fire under your tastebuds. Plus, they’ve got all your beef & black bean needs covered too!

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A festive feast for friends

EAT: The bite-sized delights of Dim Sum

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What you’re having: A glorious Dim Sum platter.

Why: Dim Sum is the perfect food if you need to feed an army (or just your mates). From the big BBQ goodness of char siu bao (steamed pork buns) to the awesome little siu mai dumplings, there’s plenty of different flavours on offer, meaning even that fickle mate of yours can’t complain.

Where: The aptly-named Golden Dim Sum in Portsmouth is a master in the art of delivering rockin’ Dim Sum platters.

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