best soups for winter

6 Best Alternative Soups for Winter Weather

Regardless of whether you are refusing to use the term “winter weather” to describe our current drop in temperature, there’s no denying colder winds are just around the corner. But before you go running to get your double layer, insulated down feather jumper from the cupboard, there are still a few methods that can help warm you up AND make you happy at the same time. Magic you say? Soup we say! But not just any old soup.

Say farewell to your grandmother’s cream of mushroom soup or tinned chicken soup with soggy noodles. We’re talking about soups that stand up to a roast and hold their own against a burger and chips. Here’s a list of the best alternative soups that will hold you tight through the winter.

1. Laksa

This ultimate belly warmer traditionally hails from Malaysia, but there’s similar variations in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Laksa is made with creamy coconut milk, bursting with seafood and all held together with thick rice noodles, plus it’s guaranteed to warm you to the core. The fine folks at Mizu Moto in London can help you out, with salmon and vegetarian laksa options as well!

Winter soups from Mizu Moto

Winter soups from Mizu Moto (via)

2. French Onion Soup

So what’s not to love about hot beef broth combine with mountains of caramelized onions, topped with a crispy baguette slice and melted Gruyère cheese? I have just described the second favourite thing I love about France (the first being baguettes, naturally). At Rotisserie de Paris in Balham they have just the ticket for getting you through the long winter nights, and it counts as soup! Doesn’t matter that it’s smothered in creamy cheese, it qualifies as soup, therefore it’s healthy right? Optional glass of red wine and book of poetry.

French onion soup

French onion soup, gaaa! (via)

3. Tom Yum Soup

Originally from Laos and regions in Thailand, tom yum soup has gained popularity throughout Asia and is a firm favourite in the UK. It’s a clear broth flavoured with spices and herbs typically found in these parts of the world. Lemongrass, lime and chili peppers will help fight off the impending flu with a hot and sour zing. Although tom yum soup can be served with various meats, prawns are the most common. Customers in Manchester keep going back to Golden Sea for their healthy portion of spice, so it’s a must if you’re in the area.

tom yum

Tom yum soup (via)

4. Ramen

Get your noodle fix by stopping by Slurp in Wimbledon or the Streatham branch for a steaming bowl of Japanese comfort food. Both Slurp locations received stellar reviews from customers and are even included in our top takeaways of 2013. So you know you’re getting something authentic. Every region in Japan has its own take on ramen, but it’s typically a meat or fish based broth (or miso based for vegetarians) with wheat noodles and plenty of fresh vegetables and spice. Say goodbye to pot noodles, as homemade ramen topped with seaweed and green onions will help you get through the cold weather. Our recommendation: the chilli chicken ramen with extra spice.

Chilli Chicken Ramen Slurp

Chilli chicken ramen from Slurp (via)

5. Spiced Lentil Soup

It may sound boring at first, but lentil soup is one of the most phenomenally tasty Middle Eastern dishes when done properly. And the modern British take on it is extra delicious with a squeeze of lemon and fresh parsley. Naked Nosh in Fulham even do a vegan version which goes wonderfully with a few slices of toasted pita bread. Recommended for anyone who wants to hold back on the level of spiciness but isn’t satisfied to sacrifice flavour by opting for humble leek and potato soup. Most Turkish and Lebanese takeaway restaurants are sure to do it properly, so you should be able to find some near you.

red lentil soup

Red lentil soup (via)

6. Wonton soup

One of the most popular items on the menu at Euston Chinese is their famous wonton soup, full of boiled dumplings, hand shaped by the Chinese grandmother you wish you had. Even if you’re not in the area, your local Chinese takeaway will have a delicious and flavourful won ton soup on the menu as it’s one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the UK. With various fillings ranging from pork to shrimp to vegetarian and topped with fresh green veggies, it’ll help lift the winter blues.

wonton soup

So are there any soups we’re forgetting? What is your go-to soup to help get you through the colder months?