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Best (Weird) Food Combos…COMPETITION

The Sushi Burrito is sooooo 2015. And don’t even get us started on ramen burgers. Have you ever tried to, like, physically EAT one of those?

The best weird cuisine combos of 2017 are not for the faint of stomach. They’re for the daring, the creative, and the hungry. They will remind you that opposites attract, that two wrongs DO make a right, and in the immortal words of KISS:

🎼 Fries were made for loving kimchi, baby.

Read on for competition details…

Nutella Grilled Cheese?

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We were so confused – and intrigued – by this chococheese combo, we took matters into our own hands. Real martyrs, we are.
Our initial findings? With a creamy, mild, lightly salted brie, your Nutella-loaded sando can shine in all its ooey, gooey glory.

Kimchi Fries!

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Some might argue that this is last year’s weird food obsession. But look at that video.
See what we did there?
That’s right. BACON.
Bacon and fermented, spicy cabbage over a tangled web of crispy, salty chips? It’s destiny.

Tandoori Chicken Burger?

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Luscious tandoori chicken, slathered with creamy burger sauce (raita does the trick) and wrapped up in the best bun you never really thought of as a bun. Only naanwiches for me henceforth, Jeeves.
First up tomorrow? This tikka paneer sammie:

It’s a toastie, sure, but just think…how many other curries could be sandwiched? We’ll get you started: Lamb vindaloo heaped into a fluffy brioche.

Nachos Bolognese!

We’re going to need to paint you a picture for this one. It’s Friday. The match is on, and you HAVE to have nachos. But you just wouldn’t feel right wasting this lush bolognese sauce from last night.
Well…What’s stopping you??

Burger Spring Rolls…

Take your mini burger slider, heap on the cheesy goodness, and encase that naughty nibble in crispy fried wonton batter. Your mum might say, “too much!” But we say: “this is ***WHY*** I’m a grown-up now!”
The reason I pay my taxes? Burger spring rolls.


We have here a real merger of two classics, but there’s a lot of room for interpretation in the Pizza Taco…I mean, Taco Pizza. Is it a pizza in taco form? Or a taco in pizza form?

That’s one to keep you up at night.


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OK, this one is a legit *thing*. Omurice is yōshoku (Japanese Western-style food). You take your quenelle-shaped omu, sit it atop your fried raisu, dress with ketchup and then elaborately sliced that baby open to let loose a lava-flow of yolk.

There are still more tasty hybrid food concoctions ahead, but we know that our customers are full of snacktacular ideas, too. So we’ve got a deal for you.
Comment with the best unusual cuisine combo not listed here (before 6 PM Monday, Oct. 16) and if it makes our stomach growl, you’ll win one of two £25 hungryhouse vouchers!

Go on, give us the goods.

Fruit Soups!?

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It’s not a smoothie — hear us out! Much loved in Scandinavian countries, fruktsuppe can be served warm or cold, and is made with dried fruit, such as blueberries and prunes. Sometimes they even have NOODLES. This beauty, however, features everyone’s favourite toast partner: avocado.

Arepas Benedict!

Chilean yuca arepas + eggs benedict = a breakfast that’ll have you shooing away cereal like it’s an insult. Get a poached egg, some rich hollandaise, and if you’re extra lucky…some braised short rib!

Bao Banh Mi?

The first of two Bao hybrids on our list, this is a match made in heaven. Classic banh mi ingredients like crispy pork belly, fresh coriander, thick hoisin sauce, and pickled carrots & daikon BELONG in a fluffy bao.

Filet-O-Fish Bao.

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Bao #2 is this tartar-sauce and crispy battered flounder favourite. Don’t let the vessel for your fish sandwich be an afterthought. It’s about the details, people.

Beer Float…

Not just for uni parties! Soy sauce and balsamic vinegar are popular unusual accompaniments (somehow that’s not an oxymoron) to a scoop of vanilla, but seriously: try a scoop of rich, creamy ice cream in a dark stout like Guinness. You won’t know what hit you.

Waffle BLT!

Waffles are just one more way to jazz up your sandwich. Excessive? No, this is actually the natural extension of human ingenuity and culinary innovation.
And don’t let nobody tell you different!

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