Biting Junction, Queensbury: Review of the Week

When a restaurant consistently proves itself to be top notch, it can be easy to forget about leaving a review – well, there is food to be eaten after all. We are glad then, that this week’s Review of the Week winner, Ann Marie, decided it was about time. And we are excited to hear her delicious meal from Biting Junction came as no big surprise, after her previous experiences.

Read on to find out more –

“Perhaps my review on this restaurant is slightly over due, but I felt it only fair that I rate ‘Biting junction’ after sampling the food on different occasions.

 have been ordering from ‘Biting Junction’ for just over two months now and let me say that on each occasion, the food was simply delicious! The food never arrives cold, is always “as ordered” and the restaurant-couriers are always extremely polite when deliver the order.

I can honestly say that I can find no fault within ‘Biting Junction”, nor the service provided. BITING JUNCTION are my “go to” take-away and will remain as such!

Thank you for your delicious food and wonderful service 11 out of 10″

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