Tearing up the rulebook – Burger Anarchy NJAFB Interview

Burger blogs are two a penny these days, but Simon and Rob from Burger Anarchy are true kings of the patties who serve up an irresistible blend of reviews, unique burger recipes, and some damn funny videos.

They’ve eaten their way through a formidable amount of burgers in their time, from Amsterdam to New York, via London’s finest burger joints of course. So we were stoked to pin them down for a chat where they tell us all about their love for delicious burgers, along with the secret to their NJAFB success.

Tounges firmly in cheeks at all times of course.

hungryhouse: Before we get started guys, tell us where did your love of burgers start?

Burger Anarchy: As kids McDonalds and Wimpy were the main culprits, reinvigorated in adulthood by multiple jaunts to the States – In-n-Out basically.

burger anarchy blog

hh: Who or what inspired you both to take the plunge and start your own food blog?

BA: The sheer f**king awesomeness of burgers in America and a curiosity as to whether any in London could match them. Rob was making bonehead burger videos and posting them on YouTube. Si was occasionally posting reviews of fancy restaurants on his personal blog. We decided to squish the two parts together into a big tumblr ball. Also, it was a good excuse to go out together and get hammered.

hh: Burgers are BIG news these days with gourmet burger restaurants opening up like nobody’s business, and unsurprisingly there’s also A LOT of great burger blogs to match. But how do you try to talk about burgers in a different way to all of the other burger blogs out there?

BA: We try to steer away from compartmentalising the different facets of the sandwich or giving out numerical scores, top ten lists are so Buzzfeed-y clickbait. We try and give a feel of the burger and let people decide if it floats their boat or not. In practice though: Rob gets s**tfaced and writes a load of nonsense, then Si cleans it up and adds the more salient points.

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hh: Burger Anarchy has taken you far and wide in your hunt for the perfect burger, but how do you think Britain’s burger restaurants shape up to classic American joints?

BA: Five years ago the gap in quality was a f**king canyon, bar a select few outstanding options. Now London can probably hold its own and teach the Yanks a couple of things. The environs are a ways back, but getting there slowly. Most of the good US chains are setting up over here now so the choice is pretty relative.

hh: Do you have an almost scientific approach to reviews where you judge the quality of the bun, the juiciness of the patty and the freshness of the toppings?

BA: As you’ll see from above, our science is much light beer and good grammar.

hh: Teach us what to look for in the perfect burger! What’s the secret to a truly awesome burger?

BA: A good cheeseburger needs a (not necessarily all-inclusive) combination of good beef, good cheese, good bread, good sauce, and good veg. Put them together right and good things happen.

hh: Friends are coming to London and you want to show off the best burger in town, where would you take them?

BA: To as many burger places as inhumanely possible.

burger anarchy

One of Burger Anarchy’s favourite burgers – a Bleecker St Burger (courtesy of Burger Anarchy)

hh: We’re sure you’ve both gone through a mountain of burgers, so how do you keep in shape? (Presuming that you’re both indeed in shape!)

BA: We bench press 40s until we get thirsty, and then we drink them.

hh: We’ve saved the toughest question till last guys, but who would be your choice for being ‘Not Just Another Food Blogger’?

BA: Tough call, but we’re going for someoneatethis.tumblr.com (ed: Be warned – there are some seriously awful pics of shameful food on there!)